Dana Rohrabacher, President Trump, Ivana discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Investigators change key parts of shooting timeline; Corker: Trump setting us 'on the path to World War III'; Trump's weekend twitter tirades


And he was in the news because of a white supremacist rally and that's when he launched into this and have you seen any of his republican colleagues speaking out against his comments now at night so there's a to your knowledge no one has been saying this is absurd this is offensive nothing that i've seen another congressman dana rohrabacher has accused the protest is there as being civil worry an actress who are tricked by some one but that's all i'm saying it's great to have you on again thank you very much thanks yeah when we come back a dust up between first lady melania trump and the president's first wife ivana even for this white house this is a bizarre turn of events it's an argument that would seem right at home on the real houswives of washington except that series ended seasons ago president trump's first and third wives are embroiled in a public spat that after the first wife ivana called herself the first lady and interview today the actual first lady melania trump than felt moved put out a statement of her own and just reminder this all actually happened around decay breaks it down malania this shot across the bow came from yvonna trump on good morning america this morning i had the numbers to lied house that that noting leave on to call him dad because malania i'd stand and i'd won to close any kind of china sing or something like that because i'm basically first talent by two as you might imagine yvonna calling herself the first lady didn't sit still well we the real first lady in a tersely worded statement first lady melania trump fired back through her spokesperson.

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