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It has not been translated into a change of policy uh and i'm glad of that because i don't think vladimir putin deserves that again i don't mind people talking to the russians the chinese the north koreans iran but you need to understand what you're dealing with in re with russia and this is a country whether whether it's been in ukraine or in the middle east or with respect to brand sheen of nuclear weapons and his and build up its nuclear arsenal or medellin in the us democratic process has been a hostile to the united states and that's the russia that we reckon with them that's the russia uh that we need to deal with a net seems to be the case notwithstanding with the president elect said uh months ago i've thomas brooke this is a point we're talking the saw with former us secretary of defense ash carter about the country's military and security challenges right now the challenges facing the trump administration ashton carter was secretary of defense from two thousand fifteen until the handover to the trump administration and general james mattis earlier this year he joins me in the studio right now and you can join us as well dana is calling from new britain connecticut dana you're on the air with ash carter hi com nicotine i just wanted to fair quickly amer i am a trump voter an aside from destroying i if in in uh which is something that trump did promised you on the campaign trail i gotta say vive la use drumbeat towards war.

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