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You'll have around you as a thirty nautical miles diameter ring, if you will, and then it's thirty five hundred feet above you and thirty five hundred feet below you. So it's like the hockey that's following your airplane around and what you're getting is that that eightieth, the out equipped airplane will hit a station and send up across my traffic picture that is kind of in that in that radius in that that's facing that hockey up so that it's all of the relevant traffic information to you. And so with all of these hockey pucks lying around the country, you're also with those eighty SPN receivers, even if you're not ADS equipped able to pick up those awesome pucks. And so you know, like me currently in the flying club airplane that I have. We're waiting to get Nadya spe- out installation. But currently I'm picking up on all. Those hockey pucks at around the DFW area. And like I said before, if you're in an urban area, then you're able to get those pretty frequently. But once you get outside of that and it's a little bit more sparse of the traffic than you know, you're only thing now is idiocy out airplanes. You might not be saying as many of the mode c targets within other folks hockey FOX, few wealth. So it is a little bit complicated in visualize what that looks like. But that's why being ADS out compliant. In addition to having your eightieth receiver, it's still important that's That's going going to be the. to be the finger behind the pilots were most confused about. I'm always shocked when I run into some of the high tech engineer types around here that have their ADS be in devices that I mentioned. And are you aware that this might not show you how to percent of the traffic? And I usually get a stunned deer in the headlights tonight. They have no idea that they're picking piggybacking off the traffic that's being uploaded to other aircraft. And for example, if you happen to be flying near the, the edge of one of those hockey pucks. Yeah, you're seeing traffic in one direction and in the other direction, there is no traffic being displayed because you're now at at the edge of that traffic, that hockey pocket or maybe or craft out there that aren't being uploaded because the data that you're looking at is not being sent for you. You know, you're a parasite, you're looking, you're looking at data that's relevant for somebody else, and so you're not, you're not getting the full complete picture. Well, that's also where that comes into play as well, because especially when you are when you just have that ADS the end receiver, it's picking up this information, which is really great, but it's also not recognizing view in an exactly where you are, doesn't have that wash he, yes, physician of your exact spot and it doesn't read your number because you're not broadcasting out, but sometimes she'll get particularly when you're eighty s in equipped, but not out is this ghosting image we call it and what that is is the traffic target that's actually picking up you. But it might say that it's a hundred feet above you right under you. You know, it's very close by and it's presenting itself as a threat when in fact, it's just recognizing you on that screen and it can get very scary, especially if you don't understand what you're looking at. So again, when you're eighty, s the out compliance that that really takes care of that issue. It's not gonna solve it one hundred percent of the time because you're still. Casting in that information from the towers, but the instances of it happening are much lower. That happened to me where suddenly I appeared on my own screen, it said traffic, one hundred feet below, and I ended up doing break turn to the right and pull hard to the right..

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