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Be back online right away so Very nice cova. Coleman ovid kobe. Kobe in canada. Because that's all i care about. The average age is still eighty plus and only fourteen percent of those who get it are dying yet. Fourteen point eight actually age nine to seventeen there have been three fatalities in the world and all three had underlying condition so they didn't die of cove. they died of something else. Ninety seven percent recovery rate in canada. These numbers are staggering thousand. Three hundred deaths four hundred twenty. Three thousand recovery's there are currently estimated. Seventy six thousand people affected with this. Six hundred are critical. Out of seventy six thousand. Six hundred Danger of and fourteen percent of those six hundred by so that's like twelve dudes. I don't know that number. I made that up but fourteen percent. I'm not particularly worried. And i don't think you should be either. The masks are stupid. The restrictions are stupid. We have to get rid of politicians who are going to keep pushing this fucking agenda. Just vote the moat. If you're politician if you have an election coming up in your politicians says anything other than i'm ending all the restrictions get rid of them. We cannot live like this anymore for no fucking reason. Even median house a common in the canadian house of commons. We actually had a time trying to bring the video. Which i can't fucking bind right now of course because that would just make sense But you had a conservative m p talking to one of the big liberal. Mp's about it And how's the comments and they were new says can the liberals please explain why it is that when they're testing Cova d- using the what is it the. Ps our task. Whatever if why it is that they're testing it between at a Sensitivity rate of between thirty eight and forty five.

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