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World's largest berry distributors is tied to an investigation into a chemical release that sickened farm workers on the central coast this summer he kqeds ted gold berg reports in june two dozen celery and raspberry pickers in salinas at watson ville were sent to the hospital that's after insecticides fungicides and other chemicals apparently drifted onto the fields were they were working in salinas monterey county agricultural officials are investigating a local produce company santa cruz county officials initially he refused to say which companies were under investigation but in response to a california public records act request from kqed the county named four companies under investigation one of them is garrett forms which groups fruit for berry joy driscoll's that angered lucy a calderon was see fag safe schools early conferring on its current according five large hail growers are putting a health or farmer occurred are rare both companies say the value farm workers and safety is their number one priority on ted gobert kqed news the commercial salmon fishing season begins today off the coast from into sinoe down to san miguel oh county it's three months late because of the small salmon population this year salmon were born during the drought when river water levels were too low for many salmon to get upstream despond don marshall is a commercial salmon fishermen and heads an industry trade group a lot of these guys like myself of and damaged financially almost two an irreparable plays and that something that we can't really continue to have this year season runs through the end of september i'm brian watt kqed news support for npr today comes from fidelity investments taking a personal dedicated approach to wealth planning to help clients build grow and preserve their free ladies wealth learn more at fidelitycomwealth fidelity brokerage services uh llc.

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