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We'll continue our conversation with Dave on the threat of Islam to our nation. Go right ahead. Dave. Well, they'll tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, and it's a quasi I lie. It's a big lie, but it's a clause. It is not a religion of peace and tell the whole world Islamic or Muslim until that time. It has war. That's part of the Korean. That's what it says. He will fight the infidel and tell the whole world is Islam, then we will have peace. So they'll say, it's a religion of peace. Yes. It's religion fees for all of us infidels. It'd be the converter to become slate. Muslim foot baths, for example, being a solid airport. Facilities that's in compliance with surreal. American prisons are strongholds Zomig proselytizing. Workplaces are being made Slavic worship sites special rooms, we talked about that already Islamic refugees bring all of their wives for welfare medical treatment to America. We had some that came here and said that this was their wife or their cousin and so forth, the chain migration and found out. They weren't even related so that's an issue with immigration as well. And by the way, remember they are told they must immigrate intern on Muslim countries. Remember that? So some of the things that people don't understand about sharia and Islam is I said before it's anti-constitutional, but how is an anti-constitutional number one. There's no freedom of religion. You either have to believe in Islam, or you're an infidel and infidels must either convert become a slave or kill. There's no freedom of speech. You cannot speak out against Islam or Mohammed or you can be killed. There's no freedom or expression of your thoughts because they cannot contradict grams. There's no freedom of artistic expression. There's no freedom of the press. There's no equality of people non-muslim is always inferior neck all the Chafer, by the way to any Muslim and women are inferior to their men, even if they're Muslim there's no equal protection under shariah law. Justice dualistic that's contrary to what constitution says with one set allows Muslim males different set of laws Muslim, women and non Muslims. There's no equal rights for women, obviously. And you've seen in the newspapers even have genital mutilation. Our they collect tourists. The woman. Women can be beaten and Muslim cannot bear arms. That's a big one for me. I will continue their my arts. No matter what they say. There's no democracy since democracy means that non Muslims are equal to muzzle and our constitution. They say is manmade document of ignorance, and it must submit to sharia and non Muslims I called him as that's three class citizens. All governments must be ruled by sharia law. That's part of the Korean. I'm like common law. Cherie is not interpreted, nor can it be changed. So what did I just say, basically, say everything that sharia law and Islam stands for is against our constitution against our culture against our religion here in our faith that says you can be any religion, you want you provided that you're not trying to destroy the country that you're living in another thing is they are told not to assembly. So they don't assimilate. That's why you get the waves that we have a Hamtramck and in Detroit suburbs. So we have a huge problem. And I think one of the solutions is. The first of all the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in nineteen twenty eight and they've been alive and well forming all these other organizations like CAIR in this myself, but there are several countries Egypt United Arab they weren't since several others that have labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. That's what Trump needs to do. This is going to any Gilman frontlines of freedom. We're talking about the challenge of Islam in the United States with Dave Asia. Dave that sounds like a call to action. It sounds like we need to know this. But more than that, we need to do something about it. And that probably means getting active by communicating with our elected officials in our president. Is that a safe bet it is? But also parents in your schools, if they're teaching the five pillars of Islam, you need to stop it because it's a quasi lie. They just teach five things that sounds similar to scripture. But it's not when you dig into the Koran and the sooner. And there's three things it depends on the crane as soon, I'm what am Hamad said. And did in his biography was in the Korean. That's the three things I basically based their faith, by the way. It's only fourteen percent religion is ninety six percent how you should live. I used to be politically how used to treat infidel and how you should treat your wives and so forth. It's not much religion. And quite frankly, most of your Moscow radicalization centers in the United States. So I haven't you with my being identified where people radicalized and they're still open. They should be shut out. So you need to contact your congressman you need to pass things. Like American law for American courts, though, I had him when I was a state Representative which says judges will not use for law court of law. It causes you lose your constitutional rights, and all the Democrats, and some Republicans who are ignorant about Islam fought that should we don't need it when you do need it. 'cause we've already had cases where for example, a woman wants to get a separation from her husband because he keeps beating her here in the United States. But he goes to the court and says, according to my faith, I can. Pete my wife, so the judge looks at the Sri Lanka. Sure enough. You can beat your wife case dismiss so she has to go to the next higher court to get us on out. We need stuff like American law from earn courts to stop that. We also need to stop any kind of immigration from terrorist nations. I think that's just asking for trouble. We have ISIS coming in every state of the union, according to general boykin, he told me during every state of the union just waiting. So it's definitely an issue that has to be dealt with its security is at stake, and it's our constitution at stake, and they're willing away at it the best we can. And since we veterans fought to fend the constitution the constitution that's at risk. And if we let it get whittled away eaten away the future is black not dark. It's horrible. And that's why I'm so is that's why I to David on because he can articulate it as well as anybody. I know and there's a call to action here folks, if you're a citizen, you got kids in public schools or private schools know, what they're teaching no his. On the board. What they think's appropriate know who your elected representatives are particularly federal level for dealing with this. But also at the state level is this goes on at the state level two doesn't Dave. Absolutely. And people got to know the Koran says that the Kafer, that's you and me the infidel may be deceived plotted against hated enslaved mock tortured and killed folks. I have problems with what would happen if somebody like Stanley Fischer said, I think all Muslims should be killed. Muslims can have on their Koreans and say, it's a religion fees. Exactly what it says that they can kill me as an infidel. I have issues with that. And I don't think you're saying that all individuals who are Muslims feel this way. We're not attacking individuals. But this is the consistent theme of the religious movement of Islam. Am I safe you're saying, you're correct? If a Muslim is a true Muslim and a true believer in believes the Koran is the way you should live in the sooner they should live like mom. Then they are terrorists. But there are some that came here to get away. From that matter of fact, I had one woman come at the capitol when I was putting out my American law for American courts Bill, and she spoke against her because she knows what it was like live underneath I suspect. She said a few death threats as a result of that. Because you can't leave that faith without getting the death threat, by the way, I'm on tears quasi hit list. I think one point I was number fifteen or sixteen on that list to take out. I have issues with that too. What would happen if I made a list of Muslims, I want to take out postal. That's just crazy. That's the kind of stuff that goes on in American. We just tolerated tolerance is exactly what Islam thrives on people. Have gotta know that in for the last fourteen hundred years, we know that they have killed hundreds of millions of people at least sixty million Christians eighty million Hindus ten million Buddhists hundred twenty million Africans that equals two hundred and seventy million. But those numbers are low some people say it's closer to four hundred million have been killed my Islam. So it's not our friend. It's here to try to take us over. You gotta be wise. You can't be ignorant. And when you see it being taught your schools stand up, stop it. Write your congressman like the president making the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and stop immigration from terrorist countries. Well, said my friend, David thank you. Thank you for taking time to join us today. Thank you for your service to our nation in uniform, but your service to our nation now, I appreciate your brother. My pleasure. Next frontlines of freedom. We'll discuss the December movie of the month. 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