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Hey you have to get up to know yes the morning after the sorry thank you for this wonderful show and I listened to a frequently and get a look in a lock on it thank you the I'm I'm an entrepreneur and I have a couple of businesses motels and other things and I went to a workshop and bought this package that has to do with how to protect your assets to pay less taxes and on and on it's a really nice workshop and a lot of really great stuff that came with it but honestly. I'm the. I need to turn to somebody like you because I just don't know how to properly secure things even though with all those tools and all the forms and everything that I have my at my fingertips I still need yeah they like you guys help me it's a bit overwhelming package together on it I'm sure yeah so so you know it's really great that we have somebody like you guys caring enough to put such a show on all right on there thanks so they I while I while I have go ahead please well Nate I'm a suggested you give me a call my office let's talk about it some more detail off the air and then to make sure I can help you but that's that be my suggestion okay okay okay okay date I'll do just that I'm Tom with the Olsen law group on a land of now we'll give you that the phone number to remind you that there are lawyers in the office right now stand by to talk to deal small group from the Landau twenty rob Solomon is criminal defense D. wise.

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