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On the 8th and Rita Kessler in the traffic center Let's start out in Virginia eastbound 66 still at a crawl out of manassas from the principal Parkway and it passed them announced this rest area the wreck was taking the left lane We also are still seeing delays on two 34 sudley road trying to head to the battlefield tour 29 in 29 slow as well in that direction northbound 28 crawling through manassas trying to head to Compton in Norway and pass that toward 29 in centerville 95 in Virginia just brief volume north on heading into woodbridge After that it looks good into Springfield the interloop of the bellway slow out of Springfield into annandale We also had the problem reported on the northbound George Washington Parkway after slater's lane Keep an eye out for the police along the right side They were with a broken down vehicle Northbound south van dorn street near the beltway across crash involving an overturned vehicle and southbound Prince William Parkway near clover hill road the wreck was on the left side We had the earlier crash in percyville eastbound 9 after Siegel road was under police direction Colors were reporting in Leesburg found 7 near Belmont ridge road the police activity was on the left shoulder but drawing enough attention to cause a delay In the district southbound D.C. two 95 still slow from eastern avenue toward east capital street the wreck near Pennsylvania avenue is cleared Also a delay with not much of a reason It's north ballooning two 95 the slowdown near the suitland Parkway across the 11 street bridge headed all the way the length of the freeway toward main avenue again nothing reported there In the area of main avenue I 97 is recovering nicely southbound I 97 is still slow before benfield boulevard had he passed 32 but the earlier wreck has cleared it is the northbound delay that it is nicely just right off of route 50 and then it looks good Headed all the way past one 78 in crownsville Elsewhere in Maryland northbound Pennsylvania avenue at Don L drive you had been under police direction for the wreck westbound 50 inside the beltway delays before four ten headed past four ten due to the crash but both of the travel lanes have been reopened Don't settle for just a car customize and build your new Ford your way at cherries Ford Let Jerry's Ford personalize your ride Jerry's Ford where Fords are less in Leesburg I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic It's going to be a day for lunch outside Here to storm team four meteorologist Mike It is going to be another gorgeous day across the region a mixture of cloud cover and sunshine a bit of a raise and a mild highs.

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