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If ply ray they all the most magnificent moustaches in england sheen have ag tortured splendor i can tell you from the experience of working with his start ii absolutely underlined the torture thing i hope we got the splendor thing french artists safey cal talks about has sleuth like ability to fully strange in investigate their private lives hollywood actor vince worn tells us about his flight sequences in brawl in sao 99 and 102 photographer annie leibovitz talks about the extreme photograph he took of donald trump and scantilyclad melania he was done for rogue we were photograph in malanje and you know what i mean this is our first lady you know is a big issue practically ready to give birth and we have the sublime brazilian singersongwriter monica vasconcelos by the san paolo tapes all that much more coming up on gene on stood mcintosh with the bbc news hello iranian officials say more than two hundred people are now confirmed dead in iran after a powerful earthquake struck just across the border in a mountainous region of iraq iranian officials say more than 1600 men buildings have come down electrical supplies have been cut and landslides are hampering rescue efforts ramaiah higham reports from fp law in northern iraq that the quake was in the iraqi province of sulaimaniya which borders iran with iran appears to have been hit much harder than its neighbour briggs were abducted laps and rescue efforts were delayed by landslides which cut off some roads hospitals were severely damaged and many people spend the night on the streets in iraq the town of that have been the hand was hardest hit with structural damage to buildings as well as the main hospital which lost power after the quake uh donald trump has told reporters he has a great relationship with the controversial philippines president rodrigo duterte a he was speaking uh to make data on the sidelines of the annual summit of south east asian nations washington has in the past criticized mr territories campaign to eradicate drugs that has left thousands dead espalande howard johnson is in manila donna coming here representing america as a top diplomat and.

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