Nicholas Kristof, Afghanistan discussed on BBC World Service


Oppressed and go the real scandals which had only recently come to light and the scandal of fgm and so on but i do take arm lars point and i do think we are talking about here what my colleague nicholas kristof has talked about in his wonderful book half the sky about how guest the he would capital of one kind has been ignored an underestimated and if only women can the empowered more so much can be done particularly the most difficult parts of the world one of the things like look at his microfinancing in aid in international a really works when it goes through matriach is that at matriarch is under the cover that have made it worked i've witnessed in places like afghanistan a superb but actually for all the billions of western powers spent in afghanistan the state and the status of women in afghanistan today is an absolute scandal and it is very very worrying indeed lower the less would briefly well i thought i mean i agree with what you're saying and i think men should be allowed to speak and encouraged to speak out listen and speak out because there are many men who have wonderful feminism merit to a fantastic feminist the one thing i would pick up on and robots point is that when it should be in power but i also think men should be disempowered and i think it's the same with race i think black people should be empowered but white people will sunny to be this it's about to try and find a balance some of us have to lose and that that that's part of the problem is that men do not want to be this empower they don't want to lose the.

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