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Yes no question about it. It's going to happen. It'd be somewhere between eleven and twelve thirty fantasy baseball. Oh you mentioned as it's lost. Its luster a little bit. I think i think what's happened. Is it's become either in one league or the other. It's just become more sophisticated vindicated like i've been in that same american league only league for fifteen sixteen years. I have no idea who the national league i really don't. I've heard of people lonzo ryan like three the other people and i could tell you like the twenty ninth man on the royals and i think that's that makes it really hard to you know kind of have fun fantasy baseball conversations conversations because i just don't feel like a lot of people are leagues that have people on both leagues yeah well. It depends i mean there's it's either that words people play in the midst leagues which are fairly shallow like i mean there was a time in my life bill not that long ago where i could name like the backup catcher on every team yeah i could name the left handed relief relief specialist on every team and now i'm like you know literally. It's just like oh oh yeah well christian yelich eligible having a good year like i mean it's it's it's. I'm so football focus these days <hes> everybody is yeah the funny thing about football. We've talked about this probably every time we do this podcast where there's too much information. Everybody's reading the same. People people are now reading the pieces that you write like the love hate p._c. Did this week and then there's a backlash in their head to oh. He loves kyla moore. I'm going the other way and that but now it's so advanced van that now it's actually better to round back in and there's a backlash to the backlash where the swerve is now to believe in your opinions because everybody everybody else is going the other way. Everyone else is reading your column so i think the columns back in where people should just actually listen to it again appreciate that we've come full circle then paul circle because everyone reads it before the draft and you know the the last like three things you read before fantasy draft stick in your head the most host and you're saying i love. This guy loved that guy. I love this guy hate this guy and that's just kind of ingrained in somebody's head when that person's name comes up at an auction yeah and it's also it's also tough too because people forget so like <hes> trying to think of a good example but like kyle lowry is is is probably a good example that somebody and i'm not saying i'm the only one but that somebody that i've been talking about for a long long time and he was going way way late and then now sudden more and more hype and i'm part of the people hyping him but in their others as well but like now people are like then they see me talking about kyle like we just did our marathon and i'm like well. Of course i'm known about column or you know and it's like well. That's that's because me and a couple of other. People have been talking about it for a while right. Peter schreyer's trying to own that corner and cosc- was in mahomes last year and that worked out and now this here. He's all kyla my guy. This guy was the number one pick in the draft picky like three. You can't be like lebron's my guy it branded. You know a little more creative. Come on peter schrager geisha together. I like well. I like peter schrag ron. Iran mahomes last year. I mean look was on my show eyadema's asleep where he was in my love column but i certainly didn't have them. You know doing what he did but louis riddick was on my show last year and we asked him for a bold prediction and i think people forget this as well like at the time last year. People are like wow you gave up alex smith and this is a team that went to the playoffs like and you're going to turn over the keys to this kid..

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