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A twenty one day. It was it was great. The next day. It was high of nineteen blizzard conditions and a belief. It was about eight inches of snow and hiking through snow is horrible. It's exhausting hiking ICES exhausting. I remember on Clinton's. It was it was it was a beautiful day. It was just like you could see the mountains. But there was fifty mile an hour winds. It was just sleet like from the just blowing. All the ice and snow. Tell me in the face. And it was just like I remember I was up there. I was letting out all Crohn's of work cries, I was just just screaming at the top of my lungs. And once I got once I got into the smokeys. I started pretty much right after Damascus. I was in Tennessee. That's when I started running to people. So my first. Northbound and then there was another another two after that gun in this mode and start seeing more people. Now, I'm the veteran. Now, they're looking at me, like a rockstar frigging awesome. It's I try to tell. So then I'm like know, let me try this different. I'm gonna help these guys I'm going to give them as much courage. As can I'm gonna give them as many pointers Ken because this eighty percent of people fail. They don't they just don't do it. So there was a lot of just interesting. Just discussions. I remember just having it was almost like a little forums. It'd be surrounding me. And I would just be given every little tidbit. I could. And I said the outy, you know, I said most of you aren't going to make it. So make sure you want to be out here. If you're going to do this then do it because you're not going to get another chance. That's I told all these listen, you're going to want to quit. There's going to be times. You just don't wanna do this any more. It's only gonna last for five minutes. And it was just like an interesting dynamic when you become when you start as a rookie. And then you become the veteran. Nobody like I said nobody sat me down and said, hey, get rid of this guy said this goes back to I was I became independent very early. And I so I was just like, hey, if you're going to complete this like, it's you I can't run the somebody else can you hike for me? It was just so interesting just looking at somebody's people. But I remember doing that. And if you listen to me, if you listen to what I'm telling you, then you can't succeed. I wish I had definitely planted out a lot more and put some more thought into it because it probably could have been more enjoyable because like I said, I'd say I live my life. I just do everything is always the hard way. It just nothing seems to go the easy way doesn't seem to go to plant the ways plant. So it's just like, okay. But I like I like the fact that it was like that. Because to me is much more of. Adventure? Like, what's the point of going on an adventure? If you have everything planned out..

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