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Tail to try to make up for the innings, Wade Miley and bilious again tonight. They lead the way from the zero point six nine year. A by starters in this. And again, nobody saw this coming, but maybe we should've wishes seen since September first areas two point five, oh, he's the only guy in that rotation that made every start this year. He pitched brilliantly. We did that game in Chicago against the cubs when they really need it. Now, it helps that these starters. No, maybe only gotta give five that's enough. But it works for them. That's for sure. And in the brewers history. They had had one start scoreless start of five or more in in the postseason Mike Caldwell pitched game an eighty two now they've got five in this postseason loan. Granted none of them has been more than six innings. But that's not. They don't need to do that. With the bullpen that they had starters have been fabulous. They've clearly outpitched the dodgers starters. And like you said who saw that coming shadows? This wasn't about shadows. In the end. It was about one team playing really well in another team making big mistakes. The dodgers made big mistakes when you think about the starters and the bullpen you gotta get runs. The runs are coming from guys. Like Orlando Arcia who thought who saw that coming? Yeah. When you look at the bottom of their order did once again tonight that was the difference. Whether it's Kratz with a leadoff double. And that in that story in of itself is is a great one of perseverance. But are see what he's doing here is unparalleled based on the production. These had during the regular season and the lack of overall power, but it's showing up here in the posted. Right. So this is only the third time in postseason history that a guy with three home runs during the regular season. It's three were few hit three homers in the postseason Willie Randolph did it in one thousand nine hundred one Roberto Perez of the Indians in.

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