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It, the play KYW NewsRadio. I'm Frank Traynor. Quintin Cliett is at the editor's desk. Three things for you to know right now. Presidential politics run into a wall, the border wall porn star. Stormy Daniels ordered to pay the president for court toss other fees in her lawsuit against him and Philadelphia soda tax is bringing in tax revenue hundred thirty seven million dollars. As we hear from KYW city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb report covers soda tax revenue through September. That's a month and a half after the state supreme court ruled the taxes legal. So the city could start spending it the Reinhard says about a quarter of it has already gone to the three programs. It's intended for about twenty three percent has gone towards pre-k that two and a half percent towards community schools and under one percent to parks and rec rebel chief-of-staff. Jim angler says the city will start spending more rapidly. Now that litigation is over rebuilt, for instance, just sold its first set of bonds at the end of last month and has its first grade. Breaking this week. We're excited about the transformative programs that we are continuing to lodging continuing expanded city plans to add a thousand pre k seats and three more community schools next fall. Pat, Loeb, KYW NewsRadio not so fast on that plant or scrapped. The iconic flip board at Philadelphia's thirtieth street station. It sounds like Amtrak is listening to its riders that story from KYW Steve tower, congressman Brendan Boyle says Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson told him no guarantees, but they'll try to figure out ways to update and upgrade the technology of the system while at the same time preserving the art of the ambiance of that station and its beauty is that like it eat black nine and we want to preserve more than two years ago. Amtrak announced it would replace the agency Larry board one of the last of its kind and use with a more modern digital oil pointed out to Anderson that Amtrak would lose will remove the split flat. Four. He made the point that actually it's more expensive to get rid of the time. He says Anderson told him that the system's upgrade was the result of feedback from passengers of a one plane riders of Amtrak is not getting real data. Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio..

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