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A thirty five year old man whose body was found Monday at north side to scrap metal recycling center. His name is Hugo Silva, general iron industries and said civil was not a company employee. Police have launched a criminal investigation. There are encouraging marks in the two thousand eighteen report card from the Illinois state board of education, the data show the highest percentage of students enrolling in college. Since Illinois began reporting that category a few years ago. Also, Illinois students population has become increasingly diverse students of color now comprise the majority of Illinois students, the report card also launches a new accountability system to indicate how well the school is meeting the needs of its students proximate Lee seventy percent of the schools. Received a commendable designation at about fifteen percent received a designation of underperforming Bob convoy, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Turkey says it has begun a search for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a move that could stoke regional tensions analysts believe the country is sending a signal to neighboring Cyprus as repairs to renew exploratory drilling off its southern shores, South American country is investigating the US coal company. Colombian authorities are focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Alabama based Drummond company to a contractor who was convicted in two thousand thirteen of killing two union leaders who worked at Drummond, the tempo newspaper reports eight Drummond executives will be summoned to explain the unusually high payments Drummond is not the first US corporation to be accused of financing paramilitary groups in two thousand seven Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands International pleaded guilty to paying right wing malicious. But Chiquita claimed it was extorted and paid out of fear. To avoid violent retaliation. I'm Mike.

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