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The suspect posted at komonews dot com the girl's mother was near buying a car was left running when the guy got in and took off this happened yesterday morning the teen text her mom from inside the vehicle in a few minutes later the thief dropped her off near kobe park the car was later found abandoned and let's say hey seattle mariners here as we get ready to go to sports tom glasgow seattle mariners fifth straight win moving two and a half games behind the l west leading houston astros marco gonzalez prior to six fitter seattle homered twice in a four one win over the royals now let's get to the komo sports desk here this morning with other sports for the weekend here's tom glasgow it's gonna be a busy day down in so you've got the mariners royals continuing their series tonight at safeco field at one thirty today the cascadia cup rivalry continues between the sounders and portland here is sounders head coach brian smith sir obviously it's a big game for a lot of different reasons number one it's her archrival number two we need to collect points after dropping a couple on the weekend but it's portland so i'll just stick with that that is enough to stick where the sounders near the bottom of the standings and major league soccer's western conference they are desperate for victory and they've added a new player to the mix other he will not be able to see game action until after july tenth is name raul ruiz de as he is a peruvian striker hoping to add a charge to a struggling sounders offense it is the first day of knockout play at the world cup with two matches.

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