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Terrible arm. But then gets funneled to another third party, which is running black lives matter as a fiscal sponsor. So if you WANNA give money to black lives matter you can't. You give it to act blue. That has a Pinky promise with this tide center, which is a far left group that is acting as a fiscal sponsor for laws matter you can't give a donation class matter. Have it have it be tax deductible? It's an unusual set of circumstances that if a similarly situated well known conservative group was involved in that'd be called for investigators. Oh my gosh and there should be investigations on either side that would do something slimy as this. Act Blue I think the latest document that I saw shows it about seven percent of what goes into act blue actually goes to black lives matter. So where's the rest of it going? whereas. I you know. I've never seen anything like this I've been. Involved in nonprofit work for twenty plus years and the idea of fiscal sponsorship i. that's something the left has been doing though when you think about it remember acorn. Kind of. The same way they had all these allegedly independent groups that would run. By one central organization and those cases, the tide center which. Is the incubator for the far left and their organizations. Yeah. I did a lot of work on the tides foundation and called many many names. Nobody did anything about it, and now look at the Juggernaut that they that they are any comment on on. You know two hundred, million dollars plus being gathered from donations from homeless people or people that don't have a job. It's an awful lot of money. Isn't it? Dumb? It is a lot of money and again the area political fund raising the report, what they report, and unless someone's willing to get behind the numbers and get behind see the self reporting. this is going to go on not only with act blue, but everyone else and act lose suggests that the reason that they have all these unemployed people as because they're homemakers or they're wealthy and they don't need to report anything other than being. I'm self employed but. You know it highlights the fact that a lot of money sloshes around our political system and despite all these laws for transparency, which I really don't put much faith in any way both principle and impractical span practical issues a practically speaking. it's hard to track all the money's coming from, and so all is concerned about foreign funding. You know there are a lot of easy ways for for national support in our election system without getting caught in an improper way. All right. Let me change the subject. There is a story that I read. well-documented well, source and I am not seeing it anywhere. That the actual whistle blower during the impeachment was Vin man himself Lieutenant Colonel Kinman, was the guy who was on the phone call was disturbed as in his own words because it was going against policy that he agreed with and and had worked hard on and wanted to see pursued. And he'd he went and talked to schiff I understand this, right? He couldn't be the whistle blower because he was on the phone call. So they needed a another guy and he went and told someone about it and said, blow the whistle go to shift go these people and blow the whistle. Is that do I have that right? I think it's I think it's close enough it became pretty clear during the impeachment hearings themselves when he was questioned on it but then men that had talked to the alleged whistleblower that shifts colluded with an properly in my view, you know my concern is always be been that. Either just because someone else is has a national security clearance it doesn't mean you can tell them everything that anything you want just because I if it's classified, they have to have a need to know and if he was improperly sharing the contents of that classified cool eight with his brother or be with his buddy over at the CIA evidently that was the actual whistleblower. who had previously in the White House both under Obama and trump that would have been inappropriate and I've always I've always been I've been highlighting the need that Vincent should be criminally investigated. The whistle blower should be criminally investigated and Therese Schiff was involved in the sharing improperly plus fight information and his staff that criminal investigation should extend into the. House. So here's my frustration. A lot of this stuff tom we've had for months. Now we've known a lot of really damning stuff and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and if it is, it's it's going to happen during the election and then what happens after that Yeah the Justice Department It's been asleep at the switch on virtually every major corruption issue here and Durham was appointed for instance in April of last year and it's now. What seventeen eighteen months later? Use My fingers to count. Reside One Plea agreement that was kind of half baked. Just handed to him on a silver platter by the G.. Eight last year. Nothing else no report. Maybe someone's being targeted maybe struck gets I don't know what in many ways it's too late. If he does it now politic politically it's going to cause in mouse Maelstrom. which is unnecessary, and then be as you point out after the election depending on who wins that either Lizard is. So. What happens I mean we have a horribly corrupt system that I wouldn't want a Democrat or Republican to have to go through I don't care who it is, but it is we have seen now a deep state we're seeing it with the CDC. The CDC yesterday we found out is going forward with their their their critical race theory education even though the president has signed a directive that no one in the administration, no one in our government is supposed to be holding those things. They just thumbed their nose up I mean we have a constitutional crisis. because. There's there's no one that has answer. Answering for any of these things WHO's in charge? Much, right I. I've I've been highlighting crisis. It's called. The problem we have is we don't even have self-government anymore you know is it consent of the government when we elect Congress and they don't do anything and Just write checks and keep their eyes closed the rest of the time. Oh, the agencies don't think they're accountable says the use of the President or the American people and depending on WHO's the president the President doesn't act like he's account what we saw that with President Obama, and in terms of the CDC and these other agencies you, there's this casual sedition that goes on it's more dramatic. and It's happening virtually every day I'm sure the is frustrated by it but if I were him in terms of like the Obama gave all the corruption, I would just go declare transparency emergency tell the agencies release everything you have. Stop Stonewalling. For instance, we just got the the documents about the wiped phones by Muller's Team Twenty, seven, thirty, one however you counted. I don't know if you've been able to wipe your own phones but I've never. Out How that could be no I don't know how to do that. Yeah, DOJ's had the document for a year. Year. We'd be Fr- we actually I asked for the information back in December or the beginning at the end of two thousand eighteen sued a year ago. So let's say the clock began went then busby generous. They sat on it for a year. They are still hiding struck page documents they're still hiding text messages. We just sued for vouch email I don't know. I'm not necessarily necessarily because she didn't anything wrong. We wanted to know CDC communications with WHO in China early days of. The Virus to see what the lies were that we were being told, they're telling us, they can't get to the. Until at the only at a rate of five hundred pages a month, which means eight thousand pages will be reviewed and that means we won't be getting them until. Do the math at twenty, twenty two. What's happening what's happening to them for the rule of law? It's a contempt for the rule of law within the agencies and the president's appointees don't give a rat's tail about this transparency they don't, and it's resulting as you point out a real law crisis. So, what is going to have it? We can't continue as a nation. We have no trust in anything we see people getting away with it. We I see reports FBI is looking into the funding of black lives matter and and. And these protests. Guys is not that hard. It's not that hard and it feels like we're looking and looking and looking, and then nothing happens. When is I mean? How do we survive Tom? If nothing is done. Well. It's a challenge in and I say that traditional watches one way for work we Kinda keep the government it seems like it's completely out of control, but we bring it back down to Earth using the rule of law and the accountability of free information, the freedom of Information Act. So there's a an ability to petition the government under our Constitution that we have to exercise more forcefully and more regularly the left is quite adept. At. Getting information out to destroy their political opponents from the government. Here, we want to figure out about the corruption government and judicial watch is often alone pushing for it. Congress has got over Florman, restore itself and certainly the agencies has got to be killed and cut back 'cause the abuses will increase in metastasized the bigger and bigger government gets in my view it's. Taking fifty thousand you. Big Government, big secrecy, big corruption, big oppression they all go hand in hand. And you gotTA, pull it all back. You GotTa curtail the government. Ensure transparency reform and restore the congress and the president and Cabinet Agency heads who take this seriously in my view. Are, like a a waste of time the cabinet agency heads doing their jobs that's that's what they should be do has the heads of the agencies should be Geez. I don't know if I try. I don't know if I trust. I'd like as many is checking on these guys as possible. But the I G are or creature of the deep state, and our experience used both suppress information and target whistle blowers. That's what they are remember they weren't put in there by the good guys are in there by the radical left Gusau needs to control the presidency to keep the.

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