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I hope we didn't do it three sixty or one eight one eighty or whatever. But we'll see we will see. Now, one of the things that may surprise you a little bit is. What would end this shutdown? What would end the shutdown? And in fact, many people are saying that a disaster is what it's going to take some kind of a disaster that none of us really wants, you know, at all maybe what it takes to get the shutdown to end. And as bad as is. I actually think this could be true. Because when you hear what aides to the Republicans and Democrats are saying. Today. It that's what they're all saying. They're all saying that. There is intransigent symbols side. Nobody is working with anybody. And nobody's moving. It's depressing. There's nothing going on. And they're all saying yes, actually disasters. What's going to happen? Listen to the different array of things that could take for for movement to happen ready. And this is from the Atlantic number one. It says there may be no way out of this mess until something disastrous happens. An array of Macab hypotheticals from airplane crashes deferred safety scares TSA strikes to terrorist incidents. One thing that ran through every conversation on both sides was the sense that the current political dynamics won't change until voters. Get a lot angrier. This is all pageantry said democrat house aide. It's going to take a national big national event to move things. I mean, we're at a standstill one senior Republican Senate staffer said he envisions the shutdown lasting until March. I do too. Actually, Trump's North Korea meeting is scheduled for the last week February I told executive producer, Chris. And I'll tell you that tells me that. He's gonna he's thinking that the February it should be over with by. And I do too. And I think I hope it better be. But if it takes a March, I'm fine with that too. There's going to be pain is gonna be a lot of pain. But that's okay. One senior publican said could be till March and guess what happens in March. That's when federal funding. Dries up for food stamps where you'll have a lot of hungry families and a lot of walmarts, Safeway and Kroger will be missing revenue so big business and large number of constituents will be certain get really mad. That's when both sides will have to care, right? That's when I mean, there's not gonna be a choice. Also, it won't end says another Republican. Lawmaker or an aide. It says it won't until TSA employees. Stay home in Americans. Get furious about their flights. Seriously. I could see that when you start messing with us personally. That's personally. That's when we get mad. Usually a lot of us. Are you know, most of us as a country are complacent until it starts affecting us. Then we start getting really mad. Also, they said well could be stressed out air traffic controller causing a plane crash that will end it could be the US food and Drug administration prompting a widespread food safety scare because they miss something. Like that romaine lettuce thing that happened in California recently that happened again. And and they can't catch it as well that could be democrat house aide said for her in many recall eggs on the hill. The mood is general depression. And she'd found Pelosi's latest stunt. Disinvited Trump in the state of the union pointless. This is a democrat. She said she no longer says she longs for a bipartisan deal that will let her get back to work on a proactive policy agenda. It's pretty bad. She says I've been in DC nine years never seen people this miserable. There you go. This is what was needed..

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