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Blog nutrition supplements nutraceutical pretty much everything is all there it's a one stop shop certification program where you learn from me we'll spend hours and hours together over the next year and i will share everything with you in weekly workshops testing involved they'll be see us it's all inside key university if you want to be part of the very first charter class of the university you go to get canned dot com slash coach that's get k i o n dot com slash coach this podcast is also brought to you by the type of clothing that you will only see me wearing at this point when i travel because i toss into my backpack just one brand of clothing it's called the ori the ori is the most comfortable athletic clothing i've ever worn i like it because i can wear it to parties in the evening i can wear it's to meet ups during the day i can work to coffee shops that can wear to the beach i could work with i'm riding a bike and i were to the gym and it's super comfortable it's it hangs well is that the right word to use hangs well looks good fits the body very nice alike it especially if you're an athlete and you exercise it seems to really make the body a look a lot better the way the shorts fit the way the shirts fit is perfect like i mentioned for anything hiking running training hanging incredibly versatile and incredibly comfortable clothing right now they mostly focus on men sorry ladies you're gonna have to stick to your usuals i dunno lululemon or f lita ernie's other catalogues my wife gets but for you guys out there vr as a special offer you got of yori clothing dot com that's v hugh o r i clothing dot com the hugh o r i clothing dot com and you enter the code ben twentyfive enter the code ben twenty five at check out of your clothing dot com that gives you twenty five.

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