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Seven thirty tonight at the theater at ace hotel. suck more about one aspect of this Virginia scandal, the sexual assault allegation against the Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax as we mentioned, a professor at scripts college here in southern California named Vanessa Tyson has accused Fairfax of sexual assault. She came forward publicly yesterday with a graphic statement detailing how she says Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex fifteen years ago. Fairfax denies the allegation. He says that sex was consensual Allen, Santiago is an investigative reporter and contributor at heavy dot com. And she's written about this story. Hi, how are you? Great. Thanks. Well, tell us more about Vanessa Tyson who she is. And how she came to know. Fairfax. So Vanessa Tyson and actually a PHD. So she's Dr Vanessa Tyson. She has degrees from Princeton and from university of Chicago. She is a political scientist and has been very into politics in California and nationally. So she was working the two dozen four democratic national convention as wise Justin Fairfax, he was working for the Kerry campaign. So that's how they ready to each other at the convention in Boston in over four, and then they became friends, and then they became a little bit more than friends what happened at that particular moment where their descriptions of the event differ. So what Fairfax says is that they hit it off, and she was really into him. And what Dr Tyson says? Is is that they had a mutual friend, and that they were very cordial together they working together. So right off the bat. It seems like their perspectives on the meeting each other's just a little different. He tells her according to her let's get some fresh air and the documents they go back to his hotel room. They had not been flirtatious. She said, but he kissed her. And she said that it was surprising, but not unwelcome she kissed him back, and what began as a consensual kiss, she alleges turned into a sexual assault. He says that it was a hundred percent consensual encounter. And at no time to see a faltering. Anyway, he vehemently denies that. But in her statement, she says she was crying at the time. So what she says is that he led her to the bed, and then he forced her to perform oral sex. She claims and while that was happening. She was gagging. And crying. And so she cannot fathom how he thinks that that was a consensual encounter. And he he just claims that that it was all right now, why is this coming up? Now, he is saying that this is obviously coming up now because he's next in line to be the governor of Virginia should north and decide to step aside. Right. So so the north yearbook scandal. Was uncovered and then reported on by Richmond media, but it was also part of big league politics a right wing website. And on Sunday, the third the same right wing website bigly politics published. They Stanford fellow hints at possible Justin Fairfax sex assault. Now what they did was a tipster. They said gave them a screen shot of Tyson. Tyson message message that she shared with friends. And the friend said that she was given permission to share that toast. So I think there's a little misunderstanding. I think folks thinks that this woman Adria sharpest gauge this too big league politics. That's not what happened. So they got it from tipster, and they ran it. And then it all to started leaking out. But but the Washington Post apparently knew about this a year ago right in Toronto didn't because the paper said it couldn't corroborate her account. How did the Washington Post find out about it a year ago, and what is subsequently she went to them? And she went to a couple of other media outlets and in the DC area. And she also told a congressman who she actually had a relationship with previously. And this is all timed with the election in Virginia. When Fairfax was elected Lieutenant governor. But that is in November twenty seventeen she goes to Washington Post and tell them in December of twenty seventeen orange January twenty brings her story there. Now, the reason they cannot corroborate it. My understanding is that it's there is it's two people in a room. So she says this happened, and he said this happened. The Washington Post was careful to point out too that when the Lieutenant governor defended himself by saying that the Washington Post didn't find anything the post came right out a couple of hours later, and so that's just not true. Okay. So as we said earlier both sides of hired law firms the same law firms who were hired to represent Pratt Cavanaugh and Christine blase Ford. So that's interesting where does this go from here? So that's the big question. She said in her statement that was released yesterday by Deborah kassy's law firm endeavor tax was Dr Ford's attorney that this is all they were going to set. This is a statement. And that was it in Massachusetts where this event took place. According to Dr Tyson these statute of limitations on H, civil sexual assault is thirty five years. So she could come back and see them at any point for criminal is fifteen years since she's got I don't know seven or eight months left to do that. That's the big question. I think is has she ever gone to enforcement, and is she planning on going to enforcement let some people look at on the other side on Fairfax aside. I he said he's vehemently denied this. He's not going to step down. I can't see it perhaps. He will. I the Virginia Democrats had said that they're going to keep an eye on this. But no mention investigation they're saying that they're going to quote evaluate your situation. So I'm not sure where this has been go. Well, I wanna thank you so much for joining us today. Updating us was my pleasure. Absolutely. Thank you for reaching out. That's Allen, Santiago investigative reporter and contributor at heavy dot com. up the green new deal. It's an ambitious idea to remake the entire US economy. We'll have more on that next on press play. Twenty twenty five at KCRW stay with us. Today's guest on bookworm. Tosh Berman discusses his book growing up in walls Berman's world.

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