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The pocket lapses towards one thirty five look to the numbers across the forty forty five and finally chase down by Josh Mattel is a forty seven yard line it's a twenty five yard gain Jones of the collapsing pocket got hit as he threw over the middle and a great catch my rugs and run after the Johnson best thing I've seen him do is keep his eyes downfield we had a big hit does it again there in the rocks man that guy is fax the pistol from the forty seven yard line snapped her right give their hair is straight up the gut handles let nearly broke free that's a touchdown saving tackle what a linebacker Jordan Blasko who's one of down but not before eleven yards down to the Michigan forty two yard line a first down he really was a touchdown saving tackle it he was gone finally makes a huge stop helps his team back to the pistol again Jones would have responded to the forty two a Michigan first down and said snap play action fake three step drop once is one on one provides a smoker right son so it it's twenty to sixty ninety seconds to it's actually the same concept the same place the first play of the game the inside post this time with the kids they went to the outside post which turned into a go route because the inside technique well done by mac Jones great play call well to start the second half Alabama forty two yard strike the extra point from twenty snap is back holders down right footed over and kicked by Joseph all of us is through it good to make its twenty one to sixteen Alabama fifth play of twenty one plus yards and both TV's have been long strikes through the air for mac Jones eighty five to Judy and forty two it's about they spent their Alabama twenty one Michigan sixteen ninety seconds into the third this is the verbal citrus bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN.

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