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Turtle. Cow. Character. And he is that the journal. That's the all star call across the fan. Man listening right now guarantees listen to podcasts, we hey, we have really appreciated. Thank you, very much turtle and say, a special high the your whole crew out there across the pond over here in the London way. Or what do you say north fork? Yeah. Oh, man. What is it the dog or hey, chalk up one of the one of the hogs? That's on. Hey, we really appreciate that. That's great, man. He's big part of the show. We really do appreciate that. And I get all kinds of messages to I got to mention all my crew that since kind words on the Facebook post, and I get them read them all the time usually after the show and try to respond to everybody, but they sent him an all during the show. I just don't have a chance to look at them. Because on breaks I'm talking to people off air all the time and saying hi and people just want to call up and give us compliments. Really appreciate that. Hey, real quick, Brad. I wanna give a shout out to thanks bubble. Bo because he gave a nice plug last night and him and Mr. motor code had a wonderful show. Everybody was worried about him including myself in. It's good to see those just the screw up on the schedule. And that's all it was for last Friday. No problem bubble Bo handled the show by himself. But Mr. motor code is good health. Apparently, according to what he said with Steven with the bubble last night's really appreciate that nice conversation. So let me go ahead and get. Falcon he's been hold on for a long time. Hold on duty Bopper falcon how you doing tonight, man. Distinguish dug in Florida. He needs to check up on YouTube. True, true news. The guy that used to be Pat Robertson. I came upon couple Dir presentations. It's a news format. Investigative. They got good ratings too. Don't they? Oh, man. He's a big time. A DJ the DJ T supporter and you get into all the the nitty gritty. The attacks on Trump. But they did a two part series on abortion. And they tracked it all the way back to the like the Bolshevik revolution of eighteen seventeen is where it all began to be organized over here by. Very wealthy Bolsheviks socialists in in New York City. They go into all the names and everything. Well, guess what? It was a two-part series about three hours and YouTube scrubbed it. This past week. The also did several. Studies. On five G. Oh, turtle from UK. There's two big time. Big time five G scientists over there one is Graham, downing Graham, downing he's a neurophysiologist neuro physicist from King's College. And then there's this guy Mark feel a biophysicist, man. I hate to say it, but we all need to be start. We need to be calling the US rep senators. Wider because Israel has been five G, and they're the sponsors of five G, and I learned about that criminal Austrailia scientists a month ago who had like a seven minute presentation on YouTube. We'll guess what that disappeared a couple of weeks. Now, why would Israel be scrubbing the five G isn't that supposed to be just a lot better service and more capacity, etc. Etc. Well, here's the here's the bottom line. This is coming from the actual scientists that I just mentioned. Is a it's up to ninety gigahertz. It's what they call millimeter wavelength. No meter wave. Like, there's a kill a kill wavelength energy. Okay. The military has kill weapons that are ninety to one hundred gigahertz and they kill you. When he don't know what hit you. So we're going to deploy this and even Verizon's own technicians state came out of a hearing in Washington DC last November nineteen. On YouTube, and there's a guy from California, Kevin, Marcus. Who see EMS EMS electromagnetic EMS? Scientists dot org is is is their website. And they head up. What's called the California brain tumor association? So what they now know for fact is what's already been deployed raking, California Austin, Texas in a couple of places, I guess boulder in Colorado Springs, according to the UK scientists we're already people are experiencing very bizarre health problems, including leukemia's brain tumors. In addition, of course, to sleep disorders. But it's they plan to deploy this on every block they're going to be mounting these two like telephone poles. They're going to be like, I know every fifty yards. Guess what? That's what's required for Thomas vehicles by your audience. I'm not a fan. And I never will be of any fricking autonomous vehicle. A lot of people are worried about that course, we know in the trucking industry they're trying to talk at bunch of bull malarkey that sooner or later replacing all the drivers. Yeah. I'd like to see the day that happens. Well, that's why we need to get on. Get on the telly and then start ringing up or ADA in the US reps in senators demanding. All we gotta do is. Go to fiber optic underground fiber optic cable. They got buried in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. They can do that gig. They can easily do the same gig. And everybody's neighborhood optic underground fiber optic cable. Forget about this. This wireless crap. There's even a presentation do some guy in California used to be a Wall Street, dude. Plain truth that info, he's got one five G is a sterilization eugenics program. Is a sterlization eugenics. And that's what the UK side just document. It is gonna be a sterlisation. It's going to knock on everybody's spur of all the, you know, the women's eggs, we are going to be able to replicate reproduce. Well, it sounds like the next step is going to be there to introduce all this AI thing, you know, artificial intelligence, and and this is all good, you know, knock down the human race will add this would play right into the hands of these socialists and stuff because they won't control of everything. So they get the this in there and started eliminate the middle class people. They don't like like that jackass from New York coma. We don't like your dad. Welcome here. But we want your money. Yeah. Well, you're right on target, man. Because there's a dude Ted Hsu cute to warmer. Keep economist for a GM, and he formed some sort of a a cyborg I think tank right here in Michigan. I hate to say twenty twenty seconds falcon, twenty seconds. Yeah. He wrote a book guy, Ted Hsu. Human purpose and trans human potential. You can look it up trans human potential dot com on on the internet and read read the story line 'cause he has a colleague, but a Hughes some big time a professor who wrote a book citizen cyborg. Thank you. Hey, I think he got an awful lot of good information. We're just flat out of.

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