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So what happened is at some point. Lead booster was big machine. We had two hundred guys. We could lead to rally manage something from a-to-z from strapped to prediction to media buying driving name. It we had it. So we're saying you know. There is an abrupt and we were also seeing the market. We're seeing the trend growing so at some point we say you know what at some point people are going to try to do something else online just sending misogyny renews on yahoo and things like that so there is a road for us there. Let's show our own venture and we decided to launch a Because at the diamond you know it was e commerce is interesting. Because that's the modell would generate revenue very quick and the groupon modell at the time was very simple knows Logistic a simple product. You click you buy the sora. We said there and we launch it. We decided to to clone that thing. The anybody's we launched it in. I don't remember exactly. But six months. After i remember that i had the fierce somewhere but now not followed but i knew it was mobile and forced seeks after it was forced clue of what we were. Yes there are everywhere. I was unseen every was could being us And everything because one of the challenge cash cash is you realize very quick bet the groupon modell is not adapted to the for military verizon and an end but the we'll take an hour to discuss about it but had to tweak it in lots of different aspects of and each time who are making a tweak. The competition was making saved week. It was We realized that at some point there was a problem because the margin was also collapsing. Little bellied also correct in six months we had to move from groupon. Basically real ecommerce like okay. We have to create more barrier at the entrance but has no other option..

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