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News Radio one thousand eighty okay? M K x X, Y, FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. The Cimarron river. I'm Beth Myers in the NewsRadio one thousand K T. Okay. New center. A search of the Cimarron river near still water still has not turned up the body of a missing twenty nine year old woman presumed murdered. So the OS BI says searchers are doubling their efforts today. They're looking for the body of Chelsea chafing, the OS, BI says a convicted rapist and registered sex offender fifty four year old Earl all's Walt killed Chelsea, who was a co worker and dumped her body over a bridge into the Cimarron river on may twenty seventh searchers are focusing their efforts on an area within ten miles of the bridge where she was dropped. Well, summertime usually marks the beginning of West Nile virus season in Oklahoma. And today, the state health department confirmed the first human cases of the bias for the season, the cases were confirmed and Canadian grant and Tulsa counties, there is no vaccine or drug that can treat the virus. So taking step. Tips to avoid mosquito bites is the only defense the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes who feed on infected birds. And then bite humans horses, and some other animals. A three year old boy were shot last night and Yukon, but is expected to recover. Here's Jim forci, Oklahoma City. Police say the child's parents and five other children were in the home and the child was shot. But the parents weren't in the room where the shooting happened investigators are looking into whether the gunshot wound was self inflicted or caused by another child. It's being called an accident. Former OSU assistant basketball, coach Lamont Evans is going to federal prison. He appeared in a New York federal courtroom today on bribery charges. He was sentenced to three months behind bars. Prosecutors say that he took bribes to steer student athletes to certain financial advisers and managers, he was charged as part of a larger NCWA corruption scheme. He faced a maximum. Five years in prison. Prosecutors wanted two years, a major highway between Piedmont and Yukon will be closed at least through next Wednesday. It state highway four or Piedmont road between state highway, sixty six and Wilshire boulevard and Yukon yesterday's flash flooding washed away, part of the ground underneath the highway and repairs are underway college graduates with a bachelor's.

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