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That breaking situation we told you about at the top of the four o'clock hour other information we have is on police are now saying that nine people there were shot in a net two of those people died a police also say five people were hit by cars now our sister station WBTV reports this incident started around midnight as hundreds of people were gathered at an impromptu block party a first responder says about five or six of the people injured have life threatening injuries a police are also saying evidence indicates there were multiple shooters in this situation but so far they have not arrested anyone as soon as you get more information more updates are from police there in Charlotte will update you on air and online I'm Kelsey Davis at the first alert desk I think very much kills this morning were keeping a watch on those numbers of New Hope in nineteen cases in Alabama after concerns of spikes in positive tests that we saw about four hundred cases added to the total number on Saturday but we're still waiting on final numbers from Sunday eight hundred and twenty nine Colvin nineteen related deaths have happened so far in Alabama nearly five percent of those had no underlying conditions there have been nearly sixteen thousand recoveries oversee a consistent spike in new cases daily some wonder if we'll see governor Ivey put trong restrictions back in place the governor continues encouraging the public to follow the safer at home order which expires July the third but so far no word on any new restrictions we did speak to the state health officer Dr Scott Harris who calls the rising cases concerning but says it's difficult to find one size a one size fits all help order cities like Birmingham mobile Montgomery that that have a vastly different experience you know in their community and their hospitals then a lot of our small rural counties what we really want to do is make sure that people locally have the information they need to make those decisions as well Dr says that these new numbers of people testing positive just shows we do still need to take the virus seriously enveloping right now on NASCAR investigation is underway after a noose was found in driver Bubba Wallace's team garage at the Talladega superspeedway Wallace a mobile native the only black driver in NASCAR's top circuit push for banning the Confederate flag recently at NASCAR events NASCAR says that they are working to identify the person responsible and they plan to quote eliminate them from the.

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