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As Dave from cheap wine finder dot com. Get in for another another combatant gas broil upholstery. Just put up on the cheap wine. FINDER DOT COM website. And I know the last time I said we're GONNA put one more Halloween party wine on the website and I did go out looking for it but failed. I couldn't find anything that was scary enough. You know there'd be some gargoyles on a label and I think there is the castle of the devil or something from Chile. But that's a little bit too obvious and I ended up coming up with a wine that I thought was just straight up party one Then and when I give you the name of it you'll figure out what I'm talking about and and here it is. I mean it is a wine from Posso Rodas or Robles Sir. I don't speak English to also I'm not sure which one it is but it is called the. If you see que PASA robles also red blend. Now that was a sentence NAT Not Not just a letters is i. F. Y O U S E capital k. a. y. if you see Kay Yeah I know that means. I'm I'm not well. We all know what it means. It's kind of funny because go on the website and the label now is a strong girl bad ass. WHO's driving a car with us? You know the shifter hot ride. And she's all tied it up and she's K. and she's cool and this is the titles annals after a book by James Joyce from the twenty s like no if you see Kay means You know I mean sex but he has what it means. L. Gets the name that will make schoolboys giggle. When you tell them what what you're drinking and bought.

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