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Dr Strangelove well enough planning this is I mean this is not doctor Strangelove now I am reading you. what the guy who took John Bolton's place and the White House in the trump administration set with enough planning and civil defense measures such as quote a certain layer of dirt and some reinforced construction materials. the effects of nuclear war could be limited in the U. S. would be able to fairly quickly rebuild itself after an all out conflict with the Soviet Union. it might take fifteen years but Gee look how long it took Europe to recover after the second World War and then he talked about Russia. which was one of the two cities that was bombed. and the second World War is that our ocean after his bond is back up and operating three days later. I had noticed that I had noticed yeah no problem at all as a matter of fact. the look at how life imitates art let's go back to doctor Strangelove because that's what this guy literally sounds like play the other clip of the actual doctor Strangelove. the president would not. to preserve a nucleus of human specimens. he would he would never financially to mind some thousands of three D. sentimental solutions that improvements and draining space could easily be. how long would you have to stay down there. both in G.. this is just the physics problem we can calculate the. flurry from from my role here. the possibility five hundred years..

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