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That would look like a really good season for taekwondo. I would say too. So this says yards, you know, they're probably gonna hand him the ball too a little bit. And do some stuff like that. So, you know, if we're talking all purpose yards, I think that's very realistic. By the way, if you want to call 300 to 400 yards, the keel Harry two. Nikhil Harry had a hundred yards as a rookie. He has 600 for his career in three years. Nikhil Harry's never he doesn't even average 300 yards a season. So this season would be much better than anything to kill Harry's ever done. Yeah, okay. So we just talked about judean. He's our second most important patriot for both of us on our list for this season. This is an interesting question, kind of a question. So a lot of people, myself included, have theorized the Patriots might use the cap to the base salary to signing bonus conversion trick to free up some cap space using Matthew judon contract. Side effect of doing that is you increase future cap hits, right? You kick the can down the road and you increase his future hits with the player like Matthew judon who's already making $18 million a year. Increasing those future hits is going to make those tap hits pretty difficult for a release or a trade. Let's say if he drops off a cliff and they want to get out of that contract, this makes it harder. So do you think that that could potentially be their thinking if they don't go that route and they don't use judean contract is they don't necessarily want to marry Matthew judon, right? Because that's what you would be doing if you use this trick with the cap. Yeah, maybe I don't know. I don't talk about the cafe every time I do past cap else of me because I get it wrong. Why do you put it out for you? It's basically the question is, is do you think that he will be worth it to raise his tap hits and let's say two years, right? Well, he's still be a good man. I think it would because the caps just gonna shoot up with the new TV deal, right? But it's also like, I think there's moves you can make, even if you're heading to make this move, there's moves you can make before this to make more sense, extending Jake Bailey..

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