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Old mansions from the nineteen forties and more than anything is little monuments little roundabouts with a little statue but more than anything. It's got to be the trees. And i love this time of year. I love the trees when they're flowering and you can get little peaks because a lot of these mansions have real high fences. But you can get little peaks of some really cool modernist mansions or art deco mansions and i think parking. Diego is my favorite streets. Some people might say avenue to libertad. Avenue libertad is the colonia americana that we talked about earlier. Everybody has their preferences. But that's where. I walk on almost a daily basis. And so that's the one that i like. The most excellent one thing that makes you laugh and say only in guadalajara. The way that everything is drowned in sauce gava and there's several other people just love their saul says they just want everything ton of salsa. The food's really good and it's heavy on the sauces. Think about bathed in sauce excellent. And if you had to summarize guadalajara in just three words what three words which use willia- thira mahara so. It smells like damp. It smells like wet earth and a think about the seasonal changes and it's an iconic song. Elvis presley actually sang at once on an old movie that he did which you can get at the market for in the heart of version. I i don't buy anything anymore. I understand everything. Super bad. Buy pirated stuff. Don't crucify me for that one. My mother-in-law was real strict. She's like no no. You can't be buying pirated movies anymore. It's like okay okay. No more pirated movies by the guadalajara guadalajara. It's a really beautiful song. It kind of reflects the seasonal changes. I think what will her is. A city of smells so with the seasonal changes in this neighborhood shop. Alita there's lots of trees so in the fall winter when the orange trees are starting to flower there's that smell of orange blossoms there's roses there's just there's lots of smells and a lot of them are really enjoyable whether it's food or trees or flowers or.

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