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So we won't be able to work this out. But I'm getting too old. They would have been what is he would have been twenty three. Yeah. Yeah. So young so it works. So So he was. he was. He was born in sixty eight because we're celebrating his. Yeah. Well, it was twenty five twenty twenty three twenty three. Yeah. Yeah. So what about Nelson peak because that first race for you guys at Benetton, you know, he had a three time world champion alongside and beats him. Immediately. Can you remember how they rubbed along? Together. Didn't really I mean Nelson made a big fuss about dropping of term who the Benneton rivals Rebecca Marino. Yes. Marina got got dropped. And Nelson made a big fuss about that. And was creating big sideshow about marina being ceremoniously dropped Michael drivers of Nelson sort of experience you had marina in the place. He wanted them. And then suddenly you had this young kid who wasn't interested in what Nelson wanted. So. So I think it an Nelson left. I think the writing was on the wall and. Nelson. You say the team was going to be going. So you know, you don't. It's crew world in that in that environment. You don't choose your direct your directions chosen by the people that are in the team in the sense that if Michael was faster, I was young. It was the prospect you show all the respect cancer. Drivers. You have you follow the follow the main lead? You can't help it. So thing Nelson knew that even though he'd had good relationship with the team his his time was over. So, and I think that also had Voss experience, I think probably account removal details, but I imagine that that last season Nelson probably pulled a few feel pull one over Michael a few times from his experience, but the C on ship foments he was going to be in trouble Ross. I is there a case of what goes around comes around because fast forward to twenty twelve Mercedes you had the opportunity to get hold of Lewis. Hamilton, Michael was in the Nelson Piquet role in a way. I suppose you could make that comparison. I think probably I would say that that Michael is kept very much in that loop of what was going on. I think the thing that. Was explained to Michael. And I knew I explained to Michael was that Lewis was coming to the end of his contract. And there was a window that he was going to be available. And if he became available, then Mercedes would would try and go from because he was a future micro was coming to the end of his career. So I'm Michael understood that and respect to that. And as long as it was done openly and in a straightforward manner, heat he dealt with it. So. Yeah. I think probably in that instance, I'd like to think that Michael was kept very much more involved in the loop than probably with Nelson. And I had nothing to do was did not much say in. What was going on? And I think I think from memory Flavio tried to keep Nelson. But it's clear Nelson. Was that was not going to hang around with Michael ten..

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