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You know, one thing about Stafford as we debate his business income and performance with the lions and that story I read about him going to a home of a kid who suffering from brain cancer. I think and him and his wife bring presents a Sharon a Christmas celebration with that family. You know, you can forget stats. You can forget debating what he's done this year. That's something man. I when I read those stories that changes my perception on a man 'cause I can I can separate the personal side with the business side when it comes to athletes. Huge. And that's good of you. And that's really nothing new. He's been doing this for a long time. And I was at his lack of yesterday. He was talking about it. And I was back there again today 'cause usually crews either on Friday and just start to just talk to a couple of three four or five minutes. Whatever about different stuff. He really doesn't. He doesn't wanna put his stuff out on Twitter. He said he kinda got I forget exactly how he put it. But doesn't want to really be taken credit publicly for that stuff. But the guy he's kind of Kyle monkey by the way from them live, which to me is still what I consider it changed on an old timer based in Grand Rapids. But, but you know. Was the one who got him going on it? You gotta give him credit for garden. I wouldn't say that Matthew was reluctant, but he topped get linked to body, and he's really explained all the stuff that he does and his wife does and how they get the request one family. There's a lot of stuff that he does. And as you may know, he's very active in a quiet way in the community giving Detroit. He's put one million dollars into a recreation. Sports a recreation center security center on the near east side of Detroit. And so this kind of stuff that he's done that people don't know about. I'm just telling you the stuff that I know about is. Absolutely. You'd be stunning stunning. How much money he puts into it. And how much time he puts into it. So the question is away from the personal side of Stafford on the field, the final two games as a smart move to play him or sit him and just save him. And will the lions rebound in two thousand and nineteen with Stafford at QB and Patricia the heck, yeah, I'd I'd started in play and he wants to start. He wants to play. He's he's a leader that that offense and really the leader of that team. People look to him. Hold on second. A little bit of traffic. People look to him. And. I think it's the right thing to start or the men play. And if you wanna give I wouldn't play Matt castle. I really wouldn't you've seen him. You know what he's about? If if I was going to do anything at all. I don't think it's going to happen. I would project the active roster for the last two games. You know, a couple of series just to see if he's progressed at all. From the preseason. Really? That'd be a tough spot to root out because he gets almost no practice time the practice practice time with a regular outfits. But if there's any splitting time and quarterback. That's the way..

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