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Could be on your way to having an even sweeter Thanksgiving. From New Jersey. One A 1.5 right now, let's see how that rain's going to affect your commute its New Jersey fast traffic with all the wet weather this evening, it was only a matter of time before we saw some flooding pop up, and that's just what we've got Now on the turnpike reports of standing Water South Bend erection from Exit four down to three. The roadway open and moving along fairly well. Just use caution and then south of Exit three. You've still got a crash being cleared away. Looks like a left lane shut down. Also reports of flooding now on 80 westbound heading into Patterson. Left lane blocked by exit. 56 also in Denville. We've now got some standing water on route 46. That's just east of 80. They've got a right wing. Shut down, so I use caution out there. And now we're getting flooding to on route 40 in the Atlantic City area, right by the expressway. It looks like all lanes are gonna be shut down on the westbound side for that flooding hand still watching a detour in key Port 36 North bound. Shut down this for a crash, though that brought down a pole in some wires, and that'll be detoured right by Atlantic Street. They've also still got a detour in viral township, South Bend, some of two of six shut down for a crash that brought down a pole. Right near Tamarack Road. If you're heading up to the George Washington Bridge, there is a strong advisement to stay off the upper deck in a empty box truck or a tractor trailer and can't go downstairs in the tractor trailer, a box truck, so just avoid the GWB because of the high winds. And the tractor trailers or band of the Gospels and Bayonne Bridge because of the high winds, 35 mile per hour speed restriction in places well, and don't forget the river line Light rail service still suspended for flooding in between the Walter ran center and the Waterfront Entertainment Center. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 9 33 and New Jersey one of 1.5. My mind. Jersey, one of 1.5 instant weather thunderstorms and heavy winds tonight, But after midnight, the skies will clear out those drop down around 44. Tomorrow. It's gonna be sunny and windy highs get up to 54 Tuesday cloudy, windy 50 degrees. Remember when.

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