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But i feel like i don't know i i'd love to see team. Usa having a little bit more fun out there you know. I mean they showed me. They showed that video there. The miked up of lisa leslie hyping up per team and like actually like getting like a chant going again them dancing and like this is this is so fun like they're having the best and there were not even just having fun like they were competitive. Hell like. they wanted to win that game badly. You saw especially the and i wanted to show Courtney williams courtney williams was like she wanted to win that game like there were like you could tell like everyone did but court you'll just like no no no especially at the end like she was like ceiling some of those vital possessions in like she wanted that game and more than i think most players on team. Wnba did But yeah like they were having fun but they were also like when it got serious. It was like okay. We're gonna win this game and we're going to show people that hey just because we're out on the olympic team. We didn't get. We're not in this inner circle for the olympic team. We're still incredible incredible players. We're to kick your ass. Yeah and a lot of the players. They did talk about that. The post game media where they said you know. Take the coaches came to us at the beginning. Okay what do you want to do. and we're like. Oh yeah we want to win. We win this game and that was clear that they did i. The rurally enjoyed the all star game three point contest. I think that three point contest was one of the most exciting ones in a while just to have players putting up twenty seven points in the first round as well i was just like what more can you ask for. It was super entertaining. Super great event. I really i really like the way that the wb executed it. And i'm glad it happened during an olympic year. I think that it went really well. I think he could have gone better. So that wraps up our discussion on the all star game and coming up next. We're gonna be talking about our expectations for the second half of this season but first let's take a break in here from.

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