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About Kevin Ryan who was the site manager for a subsidiary of underwriters laboratories and they did the I guess the safety consultant consulting and the certification of the steel used in the of the World Trade Center towers although they sort of backed away from that and said they didn't although as pointed out I think. Kevin Ryan are you point out in the documentary that another member of a U. L. I think it was a Tom shape and wrote an editorial to one of the New York newspapers stating that they had in fact on the certification on the steel at the at the World Trade Center towers correct. yes that is correct in fact I do have that that our up and looked up in the show notes the transcript for this documentary which we should mention is the corporate report dot com slash nine one one with the blowers it has the complete transcript of the documentary with hyperlinks to every single thing that I'm talking about here including that op ed that you're talking about from The New York Times two thousand two. so did our underwriters laboratories did they work with the structural engineer John skilling who designed the towers. so John Gilling and you say did design the towers and he actually in nineteen ninety three which was five years before his death he died shortly before nine eleven so he couldn't comment on that the events of nine eleven south but he did in ninety three that even if a jet powered a job we with the crashed into the towers the ensuing fires would not build build bring down the bill he said the building structure would still be there so that that's pretty important regarding whether he worked. three who can. whether John skilling was consulting with or whether you underwriters laboratories were consulting with John skilling during the construction of the towers right I see out and as far as I know they did not they did not consult with on going directly but that that may be the case I I don't have that information so the upshot here is that the under the underwriters supposedly did the certification they said they did some testing and they said that those columns and floors. even with with far greater temperatures and I think the jet fuel burned at what two hundred fifty degrees Celsius Abu for a short period of time but they tested the said those columns under those those conditions should have should have stood up for three and a half hours the floor something like two hours and yet is as you say there was total failure collapse. fifty six minutes for one and and an hour in two minutes for the other and yet. U. L. was not sort of defending its its record with with next. that's right and that's that's kind of the perplexing part that had given refrain a little bit confused because you would think that the underwriters laboratory would would want to defend their work and their certification in their findings but it seems that they were going quiet so I can run all the time with corresponding with pawn shape and who was the head of the the fire department at you well at that time and he was saying what's going on why isn't this wire are we talking about this where we corresponding this and they they said don't worry just wait for the room. it would be for the board eventually a preliminary this report was issued about the twin towers collapse that did include the results of those fat underwriters laboratory tests but that still with trying to Florida and some version of it collapse so eventually when right Kevin Ryan realized that there were there was not going to be any action on underwriters laboratories were were part he that he ended up writing directly to the head of the yes that the National Institute of standards and technology twin towers investigation that the person with having that up with the person named Frankie Gail so he wrote a pretty important email directly to free Gail about what what he knew regarding underwriters laboratory regarding the steel regarding that the tests and essentially he he took it straight to Gail and said something is wrong here you says there's no question that the events of nine eleven are the emotional driving force behind the war on terror and the issue of the twin towers collapse is that the crux of the story of nine eleven my feeling is that your metallurgical tests I even want that showed that the building should have still been there are at the crux of the crux of the cracks either you can make sense of what really happened to those buildings and communicate as quickly or we all face the same destruction and despair that comes from global decisions based on this information and chatter with a very powerful email and the reason we know what was in that email was because Ryan not only send it directly to Frank Gail here included David ray Griffin and Catherine Austin Fitts who I'm sure many in your audience will know what prominent people in the nine eleven truth movement on including the director of nine eleven through dot org and so they would regret and asked if he could post this email online and to Kevin Ryan thought about and said yes yes you may and so we want posted online at the same time it was sent to Frank Gail obviously a pretty significant and important step for someone like Kevin Ryan who knew that his job would be on the line as a result of this because he's going public with what he knows and of course it was the very next week that he was called into the office and summarily fired because he had damaged underwriters laboratories. a relationship with Mr sensually and so from that point on Kevin Ryan is gone on to become a very prominent very prolific nine eleven researcher writing books and joining the board board of architects and engineers for nine eleven truth being the editor of the journal of nine eleven studies but a lot of people even in nine eleven truth movement don't know that this was really the origins of how Kevin Ryan got involved in all of them. berry Jennings at the time nine eleven was the deputy director of emergency services for the New York City Housing Authority which had offices in building seven. tell me about what he's what he's already witnessed and experienced. so according to his testimony which is on record it would it was recorded by Dylan the rejection Berman of the loose change documentary which of course was one of the first if not the first real you viral internet documentary about nine eleven and presenting some of the alternative evidence about what happened that day in two thousand I believe two thousand Ole hi I I think two thousand five I'd have to double check what what state the other recording actually took place but at that time they have Dillon in Jason had under earth some footage of berry Jennings on the news on nine eleven in the afternoon shortly after having been rescued from World Trade Center building seven which we're talking about the top of the program with the third building to come down that day I it was still standing at the time in the afternoon when this this interview was recorded the socially very Jennings had been pulled out of building seven we rescued by firefighters he was trapped in the building with another person and that he had been pulled out and was interviewed on the street Dylan and drink some fathers and and recognize the importance of of that interview because here someone who was trapped inside the building we have to get a story so they tracked him back on and you say you once we was working in the the department that the Housing Authority New York City Housing Authority of the deputy director of emergency services and it was in that capacity that on nine eleven after the first plane hit the two at the north tower at eight forty six he was called into the office of emergency management which was located in the World Trade Center building seven so theoretically all of the emergency managers that the mayor then the fire commissioner then the police chief all of these people should have been in the office of emergency management coordinating the response to be what was going on that day but they weren't that's that's part of the reasoning story so he gets called in he heads into the building all along with corporation counsel New York City corporation counsel Michael have a close associate of Giuliani and have continued to be since nine eleven are they both go into the building and they both go up to the office. emergency management which is located at the twenty seventh floor so of the building and they get in there and they find it is completely abandoned cups of coffee still steaming happiness sandwiches people have will clearly just laughed and left in a hurry they don't know what's going on they're calling their their people they're they're in their associates and other people Jennings gets one of the supervisors on the phone who says you're still in there get out of their day and out of there now at that point Michael it's as we got to get out here here's a stairwell they start running down the stairwell because the elevators weren't working at that point and according to Jennings testimony he gets to the sixth floor there the running down again from the twenty I believe twenty seven for the running down to get to the sixth floor and boom there's a large explosion and the landing under anything gives way he's hanging on the at the climb back up we managed to get back to the eighth floor they're trapped inside the building yes to break out one of the windows you try to get the error he says it's hot it's Smokey he doesn't know what's going on they manage to get the attention of some firefighters the firefighters come to the window we'll you know we'll get you out we'll get you out and then they all run away. and then they come back and then they all ran away again and has very Jennings relates in that interview that he recorded with felony preaching sermons he says they're running because the towers are falling the first tower fell they run away the first the second tower fell they run away which is important they come back that's important in the chronology that that exceptionally poor yeah yes this is all important but at the time I'm sure he didn't even realize the significance of all of this and at the time that it was going on but has stuck on the eighth floor for like two hours he's he's in there for two hours exactly there's video footage of that you can see that one of the the the news cameraman on the ground that they didn't take footage of Michael had the person that he was trapped in there with out looking out the window calling for help during that time that time frame the very Jennings is talking about so there's video evidence of that and they were definitely in there they were definitely pulled up by the fireman and as he says they they ran away they come back they run away to come back finally they get amount they they have to leave them down through the lobby which he said had been completely destroyed to the point he didn't know what he wants he said where are we he said that a department that this is the lobby he said what are you talking about it didn't it was completely destroyed he said it looked like King Kong and stamp through their and then they were pulled out through a hole that he says the fireman must've made in the wall and they were taken taken out that's it as you say that's extremely important because the way that the BBC and other super train very getting stories as they were coming down the stair well that what happened was not an explosion in the building it was the collapse of the the the first tower that that fell down and cause damage in World Trade Center building seven that was what the experience they had to climb up back to the eighth floor never stuck inside writings to breed at hitting hitting the building from the collapsing towers but exactly we now know that if right we know that those towers didn't collapse until he was up on the eighth floor because that's why the fireman ran away and then came back twice. that's right and he insisted on that point doing in Jason even as if you watch the full uncut interview with twenty something minutes long he insists on that point and they stress that and and again to repeat it that he is insistent that they with the first tower falling with when.

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