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And that's when things sort of spiraled out of control, and you star the authorities responding. So dozens of these migrants are signing up to go back home junior reporting, Santiago, what are you seeing here? What where do we go from here? What do you anticipate in the next week or so with these caravans? Well. Racial will pick the the on the first play try to provide additional a support in Mexico. We really I think the Mexican government. Also, the to intensify talks we've a US. A way to to improve equation, which is a tear. They rapidly says gene up here, then what are you an -ticipant in the next week or so moving forward with these caravans? I mean, I anticipate that more and more people are going to sign up to go back home. I I was actually surprised by the number of people who said they were going to go back home because they didn't expect it to be so hard to get into United States. I think it just the diversity of the of the members of the caravan. I it's it's impossible to predict what they're gonna do those people who told me that they that they're going to cross illegally because of the fact that it's so hard others want to go home, others are going to sit around and wait as long as it takes to get into the US because they're terrified of the alternative. We've just to go back to their homes where they are fleeing violent dynamic and difficult situation. Gene, guero covers US Mexico. Puerto for KTBS in San Diego, Santiago Perez for the Wall Street Journal, many thanks to both of you and listeners. Thanks for your calls. This entire hour. We do appreciate it. I'm Jane clayson. This is on point.

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