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And here I think John foo does a t. sent job at the fighting. I never had any of the problems with the fighting. You did. If I were to rewatch this, I might notice more punches not connecting, but I never noticed it on the I watch and I just kept thinking, you know, as I mentioned catsuit in the first game as just imagine martial laws of the later games, they desperately want to be Bruce Lee and this movie like mortal Kombat and kind of like kickboxer and kinda like showdown. They so desperately want to be enter the dragon and none of them are entered the dragon. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some just base movie jollies to begotten here. I'm gonna. Squeak it over. I really had to think about it, but I'm going to give it a week recommend, and maybe part of that is a longtime coming. New metal song did kinda go right to Amazon and by that after. This soundtrack by dog? No, actually, dog never put out the stuff, but one specific song it's actually called. You're going down by the sick puppies. Yeah. Listen, I'm not proud of some of my music taste, but I liked it. Yeah, for the sick puppy fans, they're, they're going to eat this shit up. I love the back of the hackers like I love the Beatles, not a corporate band or whatever. And then these listening to Papa Roach. That much. I don't think you could afford to beat us, maybe. That's it. I don't know. I appreciate that you've tried to take this movie for what it was on a be level. I did too. I think this movie is a secret level, get some joy out of them. If we ever words and we're not listeners, we're not. But if we ever were to do a Billy blanks, retrospective series..

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