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Into current dream gone government each meal loud pg listen live o rama world dna radiocom i'm really curious as to why anthony scaramucci said that ryan spree this was seen a you're like a fellow in when he was emailing back and forth that prankster which by the way if you're the communications director you don't do that stuff so i kinda get why he was sort of ferry unceremoniously let go not really on sales pretty ceremoniously snowy now think about it as this is pretty ceremoniously yeah i think so that's kind of why he was sort of kicked out to the curbs so to speak because that kind of stuff it make sure your sort of a loose it's a loose cannon you're you're kind of a loose cannon on this and that's not good let's not not good at all so uh coming up some of the other stuff we're going to touch on the one of the things that i that we're going to get to here is i mention one of these yesterday and this is important that you watch this remember how i said the democratic congressional campaign committee is now looking to no longer penalise any democrats that are against boertien i mentioned briefly yesterday but that's huge because nancy pelosi of as also kinda shine later added onto that the also democrat rising star kamala harris she has a problem because the party they're trying to run hers more moderate but the party is very it's bernie sanders party this after chuck schumer and other democrats are rebranding the dnc and their party with that new populace message a better deal which we joked instead was actually a new new deal they're trying to find footing to go after trump for the next general election we're going to talk about that coming up ross we're going to talk about this story out of oregon that you need to know a couple of forced.

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