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And is it a my hasn't known, say freidan and pace Brosnan will be our special guest after the ten thirty news and sports very exciting, dear. It's not without fault, and it's not without flaws. This is reference to Lazarus show Seren Chester. Last week I heard you speculating about whether the novelist Harriet Evans may be listening. This is because in her novel wildflowers there was a line of tongue down. Well, I think the answer is she is because in her twenty thirteen novel not without you on on page four hundred thirty. There's a line which says. We'd sit out on the terrace candle surrounding us and talk for hours chatting about the film about who we'd see now to the Ivy the previous week and how he'd said Hello to Jason ISAACs. Okay, fine. Very roof. If brewery from Sarah and chest, that's fantastic. You need more proof. You're going. There's more about where the Harriet Evans is a listed to the show, go onto Email from Harrier, Evan. No, really? Friday's the day. I don't write and hang out with my toddler. It's it's lovely, but a long day. And I like to relax by listening to you guys live or downloading the podcast as soon as possible listening to you guys lie. And last Friday also took her on the March against a certain US president and dropped my phone on Regent Street. Smashing it to bits whilst trying to take a photo of my favorite sign, which was I'm a vegan, but I stopped eating, but I stopped eating beans because they make me Trump. Then the total kicked off about being on the bus and shouted helped me all the way home. Then I got stuck on the toll twirly wurley slide trying to persuade that. She's too small to go down the tall too early line. Then my other daughters smashed a p. Bank and couldn't find his shoes and. Out of the Santa Fe in the local park standard Friday, you might think I was in need of a stiff drink. Anyway, when I finally got my phone back from the phone shop, I turned it on to find what's at messages or what's up messages. We ought to start a romance. What could we thought that it was. Eve this logging to do. We could have this shot would be brilliant, need our own messaging service which is only open to people listen to the show. This is very good. Could someone saw that out? Can you then I'll Jamie consortia Jamie's technical, tell Jamie to anyway during the video. Anyway, we continue with this Evans. I turned undefined. What's that message? Is tanks emails, tweets from random strangers, telling me that my Witter f had made it onto the show and that you weren't quite sure if it was deliberate on my part or merely coincidental dialogue in an excellently written multigeneration. Selling saga of family that is happily still available in all good bookshops who they're not my local Waterstones because his Lynton is to push for the lakes, but maybe don't read that bit out. I've written ten novels and this is the third Witter f I've inserted the, I is Jason ISAACs reference. I think we We just. just. Still out there. In one, I'm amazed that made it through the copied is it makes no sense in the story at that point. My second attempt having to otherwise intelligent men argue about whether a word is pronounced dilemma. Was cut for reasons of massive implausibility. As you know, writing is a brilliant job, but it can't get a bit lonely to save at least. So this was my way of saying, thanks for the company. If you need me, I'll be in the writer's retreat corner of the church which will have to be in the Vicarage as we writers need access to comfy beds for after new naps in decent tea and coffee making facilities anyway. So Harriet, thank you very much. Did I'm gonna before we before we go on the cruise. Which we're going to do this weekend. I'm going to buy all of her books, and then we read them all on the cruise, and we're gonna highlight all, can we get a trolley in the book drinks rolling? No, no books trolley, you know that people used to imprisons when somebody they take around the books trolley literally just her books. So that's we walk go, that's it. That's all you can. I think that's fair enough books, top ten thirty eight pin cushion, which I really liked..

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