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We're taping this wednesday. He showed up for practice. I think he was in pads. He stretched with the team and then when they went to do individual stuff. You went in to get work done. Kramer you're saying off air that listen. This is week one. They're gonna shoot these guys. They're going to be good to go. The guys that are on the bubble usually play week one so as a guy who is definitely going to be on the denver broncos. I'm not gonna would that chubb shows up because that's going to be huge either way. I'm so out on this giants offensive line you are. And i think daniel jones is gonna fumble which is pretty easy predictions to have considering this many games into his career. Second all time in the nfl. For number of fumbles led the league in two thousand nineteen and twenty twenty in fumbles despite only playing twelve games at twenty thousand nine hundred and thirteen last season on the other side. You have teddy bridgewater why they give the keys to the car to teddy bridgewater. 'cause he plays a clean game he doesn't turn the ball over. They're going to lose the turnover battle. The giants and i don't think their offense can overcome that darius. Tony your buddy kenny golladay. They were dealing with injury and covert issues. All preseason all training camp didn't have any time to build chemistry with daniel jones and barkley is still limited in practice. So your high on him Coming back and having a massive game. I think they still limit his touches a little bit especially early. Look here's the way. This game shapes up. I think you can look at the offense is if you want. You can get excited you can. You can say what sean did they chemistry. Maybe that's a problem. I disagree with that. I do you know if you wanna tip on the offense for me. It's i. I think sterling shepherds gonna be open a lot in this game and i think they're gonna use barclay. I think it's all been a you know. A eight barclays going to be out there barclays going to get some plan forty chess with the people or he's just an old man getting fed stuff by joe. Judge the puppeteer at this point. This is a defensive battle in defensive battles. generally you'd say. Hey take the points. Both these teams have questions on the offensive line. Both these teams have what looked to be the giants at least a very good pass rush Some of the guys they were missing last year. Lorenzo carter he's healthy. He was popping off the rookie. Laurie he looks like it could be a guy we got the x. Men come the past. I is going to be there. The back end could be the best in the league sean. So if you're telling me header teddy bridgewater is gonna come in here and shred them through the air. Get outta here. It's going to be a game where they're going to have to win the ground. I trust the giants defense. Both these teams elite defense. You say you take the dog in a defensive battle. The total is only forty two. And you know what i'm going to buy into my guy. Joe judge i'm gonna buy into some of the creative assistance. They brought in from college. That joe jason. Jason learned his lesson. They're going to deploy darius tony in a way week. One that's going to have jumping out of my seat or is one of the. Nfc teams will be wanting to know this week after this week. It's going to be the new york football giants. Sean danny dimes is going to run a little bit. He's going to use his legs. They're going to have some more creative stuff going on in the offense trying. We're gonna be talking about this culture. That joe josiah's built this defense when they shut this team out. All you're calling from columnist. Shutout giants win tuesday teen zero. Okay i will give you an actual score. And it's seventeen seven broncos. Okay so you kind of copying my score and just added to seven understood all right. Let's move on. No but i had the broncos winning because that's that's wrong. I was going to green bay heads to not new orleans. John jackson hold on wait a second. I wrote down here. Green bay and aaron rodgers head to new orleans to take on drew brees. And the dome. But you're telling me this game is being played in jacksonville and jameis. Winston was the quarterback. What kind of dream of. I woke up from a fever dream. Anyone that can show up in the september heat as a home dog and know how to play the quarterback position. It is jameson. Aka jameis winston now. Aaron rodgers and the packers. You could make a case that they're going to carve up the saints secondary because after lattimore it kind of falls off. They've had some injuries. They don't have the quite the cornerback depth that they've had but the saints. Move the game to jacksonville because aaron rodgers struggles in florida. Three and four lifetime record. Seventy eight one. seventy eight point one career passer rating. Green bay is still without their left. Tackle david backyard f. You've noticed a trend. I'm leaning into offensive line. Play an offensive line dynamics but really this new orleans team which is well coached gets up when they're a dog ate into against the spread as an underdog since two thousand eighteen okay. They do usually not not do well in week. One or two two and fourteen against want to however ryan fitzpatrick degree of for the city of new orleans. The area of louisiana. That's got destroyed. Unfortunately by hurricane ida so thoughts and prayers there for the relief effort. But i think they get up for this game. Ryan and i think florida's september he plays into james's favour. James needs this game. He's going to go all in. This is an easy game for green bay to let slip away. See i kind of disagree with you actually. I think that they're distracted. I think they can't destroy angle. Yeah and i think the game that they're gonna come out and destroy is when you know it. Sounds like they're going to host the giants In the first home game back in the dome that'd be awesome. i think. also you're. You're from a candy capping perspective. You know this is a true neutral site games. If you're telling me your power rating has aaron rodgers. only four in this packers team only four points better than the saints on a neutral field. I disagree. I don't think the saints crowd is going to dominate this stadium. Packers fans are everywhere and the second that got moved to pack to jacksonville. How many packers fans who live in that area and live in florida. I'm sure there's a lot of them. They move now. Look it up and so to me as much as i like the story i like james. I you know the offensive defensive lines down there. In in new orleans could be good could be stable enough like you're saying for your eagles to maybe control a game. I'm certainly not going to bet against aaron rodgers in the spot again. What was the narrative. All off-season sean aaron rodgers. Fu mode aaron rodgers fu mode. We have to stand on this. Because i think we are. I the first. What do we want to call it. The first dance the last dance is week. One here turns. aaron rodgers. may look come on. They're not looking ahead this game. They they take care of business. The lines at home next to lions at home and yeah i i get your angle but i'm james in the heat. I'm loving it. This is the game that you're getting too cute on. Because i could see that. Yeah i mean. I think the i think the numbers tricky right when we move sean. You're not making these teams four points neutral. You sure you don't want to change your no sticking with like last away. We're moving on to sunday night. Football how about that. We got we got a doozy sean mcvay in the los angeles rams beautiful sofa stadium los angeles laying.

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