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It happens every spring starring. Raimo land as it was originally broadcast on Friday April Fourteenth Nineteen fifty in the newspapers of that property seventy years ago these were some of the headlines. Russians admitted yesterday and missing. Us Navy plane was the one they fired on. Saturday announced the award of the order of the Red Banner. Before crack airman for excellent fulfillment of their service. Duty it was believed that the Soviet airmen were those who attacked the Navy plane which disappeared Saturday on a flight from Baden Germany to Copenhagen. Federal judge ruled yesterday. The government was responsible for the Texas City Texas disaster three years ago and therefore was liable for two hundred million dollars in damages shop. The sought by the victims the ruling handed down in a test case agreed to by the Government Council and Attorneys for the two hundred seventy three persons and firms who sued the government. However the government is expected to appeal. Billy blanks bright but moody white down his family in the murderous frenzy. Yesterday even the dog he killed himself at the end of the rampage. Investigators in Huntington West Virginia could find no motive for his butchery role citizen. Gerry Davis took a Hollywood denture his bride yesterday before an audience of about five hundred persons at the Open Air City Hall Plaza in Ellsworth. Maine the twenty eight year. Old Baby was who renounced his citizenship to become a citizen of the world. Two years ago and slender dark-haired Audrey Peters twenty-one exchanged vows in their public and as an expression of their ideals of love and brotherhood of men of Nations President Truman fired a broadside yesterday at Republican Senator McCarthy by raising appointed question whether it's possible to liable the Wisconsin legislator Truman's barbed comments made at his news conference when a reporter asked him about a statement by Senator Tap. Republican of Ohio tapped accused Truman of libelling McCarthy by saying McCarthy was the Kremlin's biggest asset in the US did. The president thinks he had liable. Mccarthy in newsman asked Truman snapped and quoting. You think that's possible. And to the troubles of the census takers. Mrs Neil are short a dallas. Texas census taker called every night for a week at a certain house. Finally she found the occupant at home. Mrs Hazel e Hansen. Another census taker though some of the day's top news stories is reported in the newspapers of Friday April Fourteenth. Nineteen fifty on your radio. The screen directors playhouse. It happens every spring which continues now on Classic Radio Theater with some samples of pitching by Raimo. Land that one again. Certainly.

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