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Year's day a small plane a full of american passengers crashed sunday in costa rica killing everyone on board the new york post reporting that the victims included a family of five from scars dale corresponding marcy gonzalez has more costa rican officials say the plane owned by nature air took off from too easily to heading for the capital san jose when it crashed around twelve fifteen local time costa rica's former president laura chinchilla tweeting that her cousin juan manuel retana was the pilot there were at least ten passengers on board all americans and to costa rican pilots the post identifies the family from scar stale as attorney bruce steinberg his wife irena was active with you j a federation of new york and their three sons those giant lottery jackpots that were up for grabs last week have just gotten a whole lot bigger there were no grand prize winners and either friday night's mega millions drawing or saturday's powerball so now the mega millions jackpot will be at least three hundred and forty three million dollars in the next drawing on tuesday and one day after that the powerball grand prize will be at least four hundred and forty million dollars i thank you for some bronx firefighters delivered personally sunday by cardinal dolan the archbishop of new york visited engine 88 ladder 38 which rushed to the scene of the deadly blaze the took a dozen lives thursday the cardinal told a w l n y tv that he wanted to pass along the appreciation of all new yorkers so in the midst of this tragedy of these guys were their first tremendous courier solidarity support charity cardinal dolan stayed long enough to share a meal with the firefighters than wrote a fire truck to the burnedout building in the belmont section where he prayed for the victims of toddler playing with a stove sparked that blaze five of the twelve who died were children a fire ripped through an apartment building in brooklyn sunday no one was hurt but the building super was arrested authorities say the two alarm blazing these flat bush began with a new year's eve pig roasts in the basement more than one hundred firefighters were called in to douse the flames which spread to the first floor of the.

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