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So right now they're starting right tackles, Marcus cannon, new actually thinks fine player and they're left tackle. Trent Brown, how they get Trent Brown, will they traded down fifty spots in the third fourth round with San Francisco like this? What Ron was worth the San Francisco that patriot traded away the ninety. Fifth, pick and San Francisco gave away Trent Brown and the one hundred forty third pick. So it's not the ninety. Fifth pick for him. It's fifty spots in the draft like that's their starting left tackle right now. This is it ain't great. As one would say of all the rookie first round picks that you thought we're going to make an impact this year. He's the most notable one to come to mind of any team to be lost for the season already. And we went into the draft saying, we thought the pats were definitely going to get a tackle, and we thought they were definitely going to get a backup quarterback. They punted on the backup quarterback fine as long as Brady's healthy and now affect. Wli they punted on the tackle with their highest pink like this wasn't the thirty. First pick one second round, pick twenty twenty-third, pick the highest. The patriots been drafting the first round in a very long time. They took this guy and now he doesn't get to play Dante scar Nekia is the name because we hear coach me, gene is going to be out here later, speak glowingly about in the offense of line coach is never get love, but he's got. He's got a lot of work to do now because you have one less guy to deal with and now who do we think they're not going to have another offense of line injury all year? Do we think there's gonna be no one else on the? What's the? What's the margin of error? Your swing tackle leaves. You're starting left, tackle leaves. Your draft picks injured a tough situation and they got no dominant running game, and they got no wire receiver outside. It can put pressure on you for me if I'm planning New England, if I play early, I'm going after Tom Brady, he's going to throw the ball outside and receive is going to have to beat me because I am bullets in him. I am putting all the pressure on offense of line. To Bill to make a bunch of adjustments. And when you say going after him early, keep in mind early that first month of the season, he doesn't even have atom. Yes. So like eight, you need gronk in that first month to be an even more valuable receiving threat. He might have to stick in and block along with Dwayne Allen. Like again, this guy's never falling in New England. I, I've learned that the hard way, but this is, but injuries matter and talent matters and whose outgoing and who's incoming matters. All that being said, patriots thirteen. In three. It was good, but also not great night for Cam Newton, Friday against the dolphins way to use your rig words Jenin nine for twelve eighty nine yards. One touchdown, one interception Panthers did get from Christian McCaffrey ripped off a ninety. Two yard ninety yards on five carries including a seventy one yard. Touchdown run Cam said afterwards. I know I left plays out there. I have to be better and I have to take full responsibility and accountability for that artsy what should we expect from Cam Newton and the Panthers offense? This season, I expect to be explosive. We saw in the running game, they're they've run the ball will with Carolina football since they were an expansion franchise. That's one play good defense and they run the football, but they've added north Turner. So you have to realize that Cam has been very comfortable with Mike Shula's dolphins of coordinator, and now having the new voice in his ear, a new philosophy. They're working on trying to change some things from camp. So I mean, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see some type of growing pains. Believe that this why receiving corps probably is as explosive and has more diversification from a talent standpoint tied into why was he running back then any roster Cam's been on. So I spent this to be one cams best season, but this is also a guy that has been MVP. So when you've been MVP like I expect him to play at that level, I think Cam is going to win a nother MVP drowned his career. Yes, I believe he's, he's that type of talent..

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