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Looked good. Yeah, I think that the supporting cast and all the role players trying to fit in around harden and embiid is now that was kind of my concern last week. And I still think it is somewhat of an issue. We saw Tobias Harris is really figuring it out hard and spoke after the Knicks game saying that Harris passed up 5 or 6 wide open spot up shots and tried to put the ball on the deck and that's the type of player to buy users is. And he hasn't really been super confident in his three point ball. This season, so. It's not a given that he'll fit beside harden and Bieber. He can't ever really develop a rhythm. I think they called, they probably called more than one play for him in that game, but the one I noticed or I only noticed one play called for him. And you know, as you were saying, there's staggering these two guys, which makes a ton of sense. But I mean, Hardin's playing those benjamins with Harris a lot, too. It's what it seems like. The plan is right, right, right. We'll see about in terms of backup 5 Willie cauley Stein they signed to attend a, you know, I don't know if he's going to be able to kind of make the most of an opportunity at some point over the next couple of games. Paul Millsap is a backup 5 probably not viable in a playoff run where you're trying to win four playoff series. So we'll see how that shakes out. But maxi has looked really good. I think that that was also a question mark. He just, I mean, he's just such a really he's just a really special player. Like I love tyrese maxi is probably my favorite player on the team, honestly. I don't think it's the best player on the team. I think he's my favorite, just to watch how he kind of single handedly increases the tempo. You were talking about how the Knicks and the Timberwolves really weren't able to attack Hardin defensively. They tried a little bit, but. It really gets you out of your offense when you're trying to run like a pistol action on the side, and force a switch, and they were doing that with fournier and Randall a little bit. And the Knicks are just garbage. So they turn the ball over and I was going to say trying to say, some teams, I think, are going to be able to do it better than others, right? I look at it seem like Atlanta that's almost kind of begging you to switch all their actions because of the number of similar sized guys that are playing on the wings, et cetera. Miami with their off ball movement. I mean, if they try to hide harden on Duncan Robinson, they're going to be running him through screens, control hand offs with Pam. Chicago is going to be a really, really fascinating matchup. Especially when they're at full strength. I'm not saying these teams are better. I'm curious. I'm excited to see it play out. I'm not predicting it one way or another, but I'm really excited to see it play out. There were a lot of good games on yesterday, by the way. Sunday, I mean, 6 years in its game. Did you watch that jazz suns game? I did watch that game. Yes. I was watching it, and I down the stretch. Down the stretch, I thought the sun's had a really good chance to win that game. I think they kind of lost it just because they got dominated in the white side minutes actually. Their starters were playing really well. Tell me what you think of this. I thought it was a little interesting. Late in the game, they're obviously running high pick and roll with Gobert. With the sons have been better off hiding Deandre ayton in the corner on Daniel house. Putting Crowder on Gobert and switching everything. So taking a playbook, taking a page out of his playbook, basically, where they put rob Williams on a wing and they put jaylen Brown on the big so that they can switch everything. Sure. Yeah, if you want to give him credit for coming up with that basketball strategy. Well, I mean. You got to do what, okay, so if you do that, I don't think that that's wrong. And it just felt like they were getting a really good shots in that game, yeah. Yeah, and I mean, Mitchell's pull up three. He's super confident in it. And so you really can't deep drop. So maybe the adjustment is to bring 8 and a little bit higher on the floor, but then also you got to be tight with the rotations on the backside if Gobert is rolling and but Gobert's just played really great basketball in the past. I don't know like a week and a half. But yeah, I mean, you always keep me on my toes. And I really appreciate that. We have a son's related question coming up that display, but let's go back to the sixers for two seconds. I guess just like. Defensively, is that the biggest concern now for you? I know, I feel like sixers fans are very angry at us because we frame everything from a negative standpoint where we're looking for the flaws in this team, I'm just dubious still because like harden holding up, it's strange. Disbelief for me hardened, just looking so bad and then suddenly looking so good and why like what will it take for either his body to suffer another tissue related ailment or I don't know, something about it at this point is listen, I'll just say I'll just say Mike, I just want to see like I'm a skeptic because frankly. This sounds like such an old man thing to say. I don't know if it's because I'm turning 30 later this year. I just want to see some more like respect for the competitive spirit of the game. That's what it is. Like James Harden, you've put on two teams in a row, you've like time and time again had playoff failures for the last ten years and I'm not one of those obviously there's nuance to those, there's contacts, et cetera, but I'm a skeptic just because I just do you want someone who so clearly quit on two straight teams to like, are you excited about this? How do you get excited about that? How do you get excited about someone who is willing to just give up on his teammates? You know, it was one thing in Houston where although, again, he was the one who, do you look at what happened in Houston, for example, okay? He couldn't get along with Chris Paul, and he said, get this guy out of here. They bring in Russell Westbrook. It doesn't work. He said, yeah, you can trade Russ. And now he's like, I don't think this team can win. I want to get out of here. And it's like, again, like escaping any accountability he had for all the failed partnerships he had in Houston. He says Philly was his first choice. I just have a hard time believing that that was his first choice and he somehow ends up in Brooklyn. But okay, you end up in Brooklyn. Yeah, you're playing with Kevin Durant. He's one of the best players in the game. Arguably the best. I understand this Kyrie thing is literally a once in a century once in a lifetime. Once in a generation occurrence with this pandemic and the vaccination rules, et cetera, he's getting fed up, but we just saw him openly quit on his team in that Sacramento game..

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