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Welcome. Hawaii news go to Arizona. The way the LA beautiful basket ball. I would love it basket both. Hey. So I mean, I'm not saying you'd have to like openly root for him. But he was on Arizona's half. Half. Upi soon. Do it. Do it. Do it. During the tournament. You're watching your like come on, bro. Now, what would against them? But I'm not going to root for I couldn't couldn't do it. He'll be there for a year. And then I can go back to to for the program after that. But that way that a chance, but you make me vomit in my mouth and then out of my mouth and then everywhere else if I saw lavar ball obey. Dad? That'd be. It'd be loud. Oh, yeah. He'd overshadow the whole program. Lou watching the game. I'd be like. Aw, Linda, Blair, all over that wouldn't be worth it. Every one of those things where it's like, I don't care how much you help us win. And I don't even know if he would, but assuming he would I there's no way taking pictures with woman Wilbur lavar middle exit Disneyland. Arizona's shirt out great with that. You of a dad, you're one. Yeah. That would probably come out with big ball of rank gear in Arizona colors. Would be so disgusting. It'd be sweet I would know now. No. Kerwood this on the St. with this on the furrowed do whereas draft lamelo, we'll remember when it was the middle on that stinks. Liangelo liangelo, and he went and he worked out with the wars. Remember that everybody made a deal they were gonna draft him. It was like no this team is the last thing that dude. These. I'd get out by this team has any somewhere. Now, we're working for Louis Vuitton all very nice, very nice is he is he playing anywhere in Europe or something maybe whatever that Lithuania back over there. They aided those guys kids. I mentioned that doklam has a new quarterback like this. If I'm a quarterback, and I'm looking to transfer, and I didn't know they I guess this transfer portal is a new thing. So when the guy the turtle portal. The full video game or something Puerto which was a good video game. Yeah. But they show every kid is looking to go somewhere. So it's it's all public knowledge is obviously Jalen hurts sucked. It up obviously came back as the comeback against George and everything. So he does help them at some point. But he's a graduate student. So he can play right away. Smartest move ever. Baker Mayfield Heisman yet Tyler Murray Heisman both those guys transferred. Oklahoma Jalen hurts is transferred. Oklahoma. That's where I would go under their great coach it's gonna it's gonna help you. But my issue would be I thought that they went to tag of a low of because hurts couldn't throw, and you gotta be able to throw if you're going to Oklahoma could Heathrow well enough to succeed there. Well, that's a good question. But tell you what that's where I'd wanna go far as a quarterback is one Heisman Baker Mayfield. Yeah. And it just. I don't know. I don't think he's Murray or Mayfield. But boy Lincoln Riley is working magic. With those guys. They're getting it done. I'm trying to find the I just saw this today and. That that's it. So Jalen hurts who has graduated from Tuscaloosa transferred from Alabama to Oklahoma, Oklahoma, happy to accept hurts into the fold. But Austin KENDALL, who's graduated from Oklahoma wanted to transfer to West Virginia, and they said, no. And they did they finally let them go. Now. Now that hurts his in it, it took them a minute. But I just read I think Jay Bilas. Week in the conference. They finally let him go to happen in the last few hours. Let me check Jay Bill. I think Jay Bilas retweeted something, I was like, are you kidding me? You're gonna take a guy just gonna take a guy you're gonna keep you're gonna tell guy worry can transfer to is not good enough to play for you. Why do you care where he plays? Why do you care where he plays the other thing too? And I know this is. They did it. They should have done it before. Yeah. Austin kindle. Yeah. Is right here. Oklahoma grant transfer the waiver to be immediately eligible at West Virginia. Yeah. Because it was the exact situation. Like, I said he was a graduate of light to give them the benefit of the doubt here. But would they have let him do it? If hurts no sign absolutely not. No. Of course, they wouldn't have no way. So the other thing is is these coaches like what happened in was it? Manny Diaz the guy who was temple and say these guys should be eligible right away. If they're not happy. What are they out a year? You know, I get it. There's going to be tampering. You know, what I always look at this in any relationship, if you're taking care of your business, a kid isn't gonna wanna transfer if he doesn't want to transfer because he got beat out. Let's go somewhere else and play. I don't understand that whole thing. It's dirty and their teams are going to pilfer, and they're never gonna stop recruiting a kid that's a backup. But you know, what he should have the ability to be happy. We can all leave jobs move on. We can and the NC double A, the coaches can go anywhere they want as long as they're paid back. Whatever you can come up with some system, you're gonna pay for a kid you want to buy out a scholarship. I don't know what the, you know. Ramifications or the Xs and os, or whatever you wanna call it. But let a kid let a go and wants to go. I got a happy absolutely sit out a year. That's a lot of people out there. They're blaming Manny Diaz for going from Tampa to Miami. That was many no Mark Rick was retire. And all of a sudden, you're thinking, well, that's where I wanted to be in the first place job I want. It's my dream job. It may never open up again. Another take it. I'm sorry. I feel bad love you'd love you temple go else. But I I'm going back to Miami. That's where I wanna be. It's a better program. And I had no idea it was going to open up, and then people ripping cliff Kingsbury. Hey, if you wanted to keep them, they should have put a million dollars buyout in the contract, at least a million dollars for the first year. Then lowered five hundred three hundred whatever you wanna do. But a but fifties kings varies like would you take checks, right? One for you. Fifty. I mean, are you kidding or USC doing these the half a mil if not a mill the first year like if we sign you we're keeping you the first year you're going to be here. A buck fifty may have been like at twenty dollars Bill here by it's twenty. Okay, kid here. It is good. Take visa run this through we should be solid down. But I don't blame people for for doing what they want for themselves. I mean, they even if we all have the ability sit out and not play. If you think it's best for yourself. Whatever I may not agree with all of it. But. And you're right. And I've I've said this forever. Coach can do a player should be able to do it stopped holding them hostage. And if he can't play for you cares. We plays for I don't care if you're Oklahoma. And he wants to go to Oklahoma state. If you think he's that good and keep him play him. But these guys don't you? But I'm not gonna let you go here. Those coaches drive me nuts. Absolutely nuts. All right. Check sound. It's always good. We'll play that coming up next. Steve Young is gonna join us at five only here on the sports center. So no, so. Tolbert..

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