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Out won't to the show. This is the strangest of bruise. I am tom cat. Tom thomson ak the reptilian aka. Dunga redo i don't fucking care what you call me And who do. I got back in the house. Each of craft anton crowley. That's sick yes. Antanas back and you'll probably hear a lot more of anton with billy's busy schedule. I gotta fill in the holes. Anton has been a great guest and he might become a permanent part of strange brew. Exciting you remember a few episodes back when we were talking about awesome powers. And i told you that i have a shark with a laser beam attached to it says well i found it. Did you fucking sick and Fraud listeners. this were actually building up our youtube right now. We're getting more and more subscribers every day. Not eventually get back to the patriarch of the patriots. Been lacking and stuff like that. But that's got to build it up more. Shame on all of you get your ass. Have a fucking drink. I spill my myself. I got some vodka sodas going. What does the high noon's no cottage springs. You got these states yet. no. I don't know if we do i haven't gone. I have so many beer from the cottage in my fridge. I want to drink it up because after that. I'm going to do with Billy's brother danny and he switched to just like drinking vodka waters and stuff and vodka. Whatever fucking low calorie bullshit. And he's lost like thirty pounds to liquor and club. Soda is the way i've shrink. Almost exclusively whiskey sodas or vodka sodas at this point with your whiskey soda soda club yup clubs. So i use club soda. I put actual lineman there because you know and that's pretty much it. I start doing that show for sure. This is going to get into some pretty interesting. So i wanna get into a while ago. We're gonna talk about the maria and the la- mirian's and who knows how much bullshit says. But i i want to believe there's a lot of love and light work in this one for all of the chaos magician listeners. Just hold your lunch down okay. We'll get through. Youtube has changed a lot. Man i was trying to re. I was looking at my documentaries on the myriad of i'd and there's not that much shit like i think i got this from my dad. Bibliotheque played bullshit. An end other sites. How did you translate it. I went to it. And i was just like nope. No it's crazy and confusing fucking nuts though for like a bunch of alien conspiracy shit and i've been using it for years in looking up fucking stuff because david fucking lakes that site so good for the reviews against. That site are fucking hilarious. I was soon great. It was ridiculous. But i ended up finding sites. That were bibliotheque bibliotheque and jason. If you will find some good stuff awesome so boundaries are eighteen. Hundreds a few scientists working from the scant evidence decided there must have been a lost continent and the indian ocean. Can we still call it. Well considering its near india. Yes i believe that we can. I noticed that. A lot of you fuckers in the states still use the word indian for native and indigenous people like a lot of people do i even but even natives themselves call them so my indian in the states. It's weird my grandfather is half tuscaroras and a quarter cherokee. And he uses the word indian. It's style it fifth generation. So yeah i'm like a little over an eighth tuscaroras offering no the fuck i am. I'm gonna malcolm nation of everything. I wanna to get one of those tests done but then i don't want them to have my my dna but technically the cops. Are you have my blood so wait. Who does those dna tests from. What i've heard is the church of the latter day saint. I heard that spotted weird so they call it lem urea on this lost continent. Some even thought there was once lived a race of non extinct. Humans called the marines who had four arms and enormous hermaphroditic bodies. So they had the so. Do you think that's where the inspiration bafflement matt came from channel amirian. Yeah you can. You can stick your dick in your vagina. If you're bored get yourself pregnant. Ultimate being he's actually you could just fucking keep making kids with yourself. But here's the question with that. Like how quickly would your dna fuck up like the breeding work. Well look at the royal family and they see my voice a bunch of our u luckily brainwashed fucking so nevertheless are their ancestors. The marta human suppos-ably and if you're a new listener and you say something as offensive fuck off and don't leave a goddamn review fucking bullshit if you don't like dark humor and us making fun of absolutely everything. This is not free you just so you know i mean and dark. Humor is like food not everybody gets it. And it's fucking true myriad theories. I became popular in nineteen sixty four when british lawyer urologists philip lewd lutely scott scott later catling skill later sca later is i'm gonna pronounce it. Ska later. Wrote a paper the mammals of mass car. Mad fucking god gave was happening my brain. It's so hot in canada today. like in ontario. It's been hot as fucking balls now like this work party thing earlier and already had a couple of drinks. So all your dude. I'm like smack in the middle of a major and yesterday i spent the whole goddamn day the beach because also in buffalo. It's been hot as fought for the last week. We're gonna warehouse and there's no air conditioning. So all we were this morning. Yeah there's no air conditioning in my shop either. It's hot fucking whore. Shit man the cools down so fucking people in the office or it's not that hard because you're fucking sin and air conditioning dude. I walk into the office. And they're just seventy three in here. I'm like it's like ninety in there. So fuck off. The twenty degrees makes it absolutely makes a difference. But they're so. He wrote this paper called the mammals of madagascar and had it published and a journal of science and scott later sca later observed that there were many more species of lemurs essentially in madagascar. Then there either. Africa or india dust claiming the madagascar was the animals originals home. So that's why you have that movie with all the stupid lemurs which is kind of funny. Is they really like to move it. I like to move it move it. Moreover he proposed that what had allow the lemurs to i migrated indian africa from madagascar. Long ago was a now. Lost landmass stretching across the southern indian ocean and a triangle shape and this is where you get the namely myriad from is because essentially this continent this land landmass connected like africa india and shit like that and was and that's how they got across and there's like a bridge of land essentially. That's what i understood it. You know what i mean. Same bridgeable expanision. Yeah this shit is confusing at times. Like a lot of weird nonsense. We talk about on this podcast. So the continent of amiriya. He suggested touched india's southern point in south africa and western australia and eventually sunk into the ocean floor. That is a huge landmass though. What was this when.

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