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These are the ring pro doorbell that's I believe the third generation of the doorbell that they came out with. Or maybe it was the second one I don't remember now actually. And also, I believe it was the spotlight. Cam, the they came out with that is also going to be compatible at some point, and they keep on saying that yet, we're still on this. We haven't give out up on this. So maybe this is a good sign for that. And then there was, I think it kind of an accidental preview of our low potentially being compatible with that as well. So we could see this maybe at WW thing. Yeah. I mean, sometimes they hold things like this, because they're waiting for announcement or or want to say, hey, these things are working now, so yes, and I have all those devices in my house, I have an Arlo, and I have a ring doorbell, and I have a security light. So I want this for all those things, and I bought them thinking that they would be home kit, certified, eventually so nobody more excited about this than I and I actually saw that in the Arlo app, it, it said something about home kit, and my guess, is somebody made a mistake, and pushed inap- version too soon. And then that it was radio. Silence. So it said something about supporting home kit. But then you couldn't actually do it. So I don't know if the firmware hadn't gone out, yet it was definitely an app thing. So hopefully that all that all gets sorted out and rolled out to users soon here, I'm hoping that we see more broad support of devices from companies like ring and others. I, I know that there are specific devices that get certified in that have been approved. Maybe that's I like to think maybe that's their testing ground. Maybe these are some of their more popular products. They wanna see how they do before they invest the time in getting everything certified so that there are other devices can also be hope get compatible. But once some devices are I'm concerned that consumers will expect that all devices are from a given vendor. And, and so, I hope what we see is once that we get past that hurdle. For one device than everything coming out, after that point is just automatically going to be a part of the home ecosystem, whether it's immediately upon release, or later as we know some manufacturers have done so that the apple certification process, doesn't hold them back while in talking about this from a consumer perspective. I'd love to see that certification process either streamlined or somehow made more efficient for the developers, because I hear interviewing companies many many, many times that they're still working on certification when they have a product that they're trying to get out. And I understand that it's complicated..

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