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Days. I hope, um, it's 23 minutes past the hour. We're talking with Robin Raskin. She's the founder of an organization called Solving for Tech. In a top technology writer and thinker for a really long time we were talking about healthcare technology in some big advances this year of the things that are going to change your 2021. You know, Robin, we were talking about health check, and I think we have to talk about this because I talked about it yesterday on the show. But the technology that went into literally coming up with not one, not two. But like six vaccines. For Cove it all in the span of nine months. I know that technology has been sort of in the works for a long time, but I mean, wow, what a year for all of that to come together. Yeah, And the rate is staggering and the distribution you have so many parts of after delivery. The distribution that The supply chain of getting you know all of this. The retooling of factories that has done on we've just learned to. I think it's a great move. Don't much more quickly and because played Big a big part in that, and I think the other thing you saw, and I don't know if you made any telehealth calls during the last year, but telemedicine skyrocketed. And it wasn't just the telemedicine companies like Teladoc or I am well on Lubango. But it was like everybody was your doctor. Whether Telehealth doctor, your hospital was a telehealth hospital, so We had to get really smart and compliance. You know, to all the medical regulations about how doctors can conduct business in an online world. Which brings me to my next point. Because at C E s 2021, you're going to see Next. Gen. Because really, we did. This year was kind of have phone calls with our doctors. But imagine next year when the doctor says, Well, let me hear your heart. You can plug a little thing into your computer and relay your heartbeat or relate your breathing will relay your temperature s so you're seeing things. One company called title Care and one called Bed Wand. They have these things that they're like. They're like tricorder that of Star Wars. Star Trek. You know, they're actually our gadgets that can Can look in your ears. They could look down your throat and relay that information to your doctor. So I think Traditional doctor's office visit is gonna really change to doing something more more tele related until you have to see somebody. You know when there's things that you're never going to replace, and then in the doctor's office. Hopefully, the doctor's gonna have more time to work with you as a patient because they're going to have things like robots, positions assistance, taking notes on everything that you say so they're not spending half their day. Entering data. Well, it's just what they do now. No, it's so interesting. We've been watching, you know Epic, which has produced I think probably the most popular software for doctor's offices. That is now linking things together. You're starting to see so much more get automatically plugged into it. And even if you're in different hospital systems once those hospitals come online with epic, they talk to each other. And so we're getting very close now, And I think this year might be the year Where you're able to get all of that data onto your phone. And so I'm gonna just talk about this for a moment. So I run which I'm not even sure you know this, but I've been running a Best money moves, which is a financial wellness technology platform, and what we're seeing in the industry is in HR Tech that's coming to your phones. And I think this is the big year for it. So you're starting to see technology that takes all of this health data. And it brings it together. And if you need to get like a memory, and you want to know the cheapest place to go, Ah, lot of these technologies are building in the ability to sort of search your local area and price that people are actually paying for MRI's on a net basis because they upload it to their two and then the technology scans that So that you actually know when you call what it is you're going to pay with with high deductible health care plans. You know all this stuff coming out of pocket really important to have that So I definitely Seymour of this integration between work, benefits and lifestyle benefits coming to you right in your phone this year. And and personalization, you know, Um, so if I know you and I know what around, sure taking and I know how much you exercise if I know a lot about you, Um I could make the best decision. I mean, I hate to say it, but I had to just go on Do my Medicare thing, and and they made it so easy to take him. What drugs you're taking. That tells you what supplemental planted by because Yeah, well, you know, they have it all there, and they did. So this personalization of of health along with the consumer ization and the do it yourself are huge. But you know what The downside is right. That We have to have some serious discussions of now. Privacy right and people are scared to give up. Even during the pandemic with contact tracing people didn't want to be traced. And They have to be reassured and educated, that their data won't be used against them and stop them from getting jobs and also that their data will be protected enough fall into the wrong hands. As we've seen it do way too many times this year, so we've got some like big philosophical issues. Um You know all the big players on Google. Microsoft Facebook. They all have ethicists on their group teams now, um, figuring out there Artificial intelligence algorithms, eliminating bias, trying to make sure that data stays in the right hands. It's it's a huge issue going forward, and it's a lot of money. And whenever you have money, that's that's where the focus is going to be. Hey, Robin, where do we find you? Where does everybody else find you? I know where I'm gonna find you. Well, let's say you confined me right now the you can write to me Robin robin Raskin dot com. I just started a new company devoted to virtual event as opposed to physical events. So you can find that 1000 protect dot com Wow, Robin Raskin..

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