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You know the do in the case now where with big castle usually merger thirteen in the jury starts there but i think with khasif of 18 sort of what we're inclined to do is with the exception of special cases like survivor coal wrong where they had a premarch medevac you merger twelve but you start the jury at eleven so again i might get fact check on that but i'm pretty sure that sort of now are go to in the modern era four eighteen persons seasons is sir with eighteen merger twelve the possible start the jury add alive in which again is very old school to have you know the person voted out at ten but still we know they were on the merge tribe at they're on the soleil by try but they didn't make the jury proper i just thought it was super interesting because again we have not seen that in five seasons just because between the larger kassim another extenuating circumstances like you know the caleb medevac once again it's it's it's a rarity that we see the eye did you are right it i did have the same feeling hour i felt where i said earlier that it felt almost counter intuitive to me it's a pool someone who made them george off of the jury but you're right back in the day the sixteen person seasons ten would make the merge and only nine would make the jury in the final two so it's certainly not unprecedented but to go back to what liana said about the thai that's that's also something that we have speculated about for similar reasons on our shebar podcast and actually i wish i knew who to credit with this but at the live no at all as i just over heard someone say i think survivors at the point where they want a tie in the finals and i could actually see that being the case where when it's been thirty four seasons now leading into this one i do not think that they would at this point object to have some kind of crazy dramatic ending.

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