Amy Berman Jackson, Justice Sotomayor, Ginsburg discussed on Mark Levin



I think what you say is going to change the way I look at it from the same people with different views and devoting her way and that's yes let's see what happens we have things whether or not the reviews themselves during my campaign you know what I would suggest that the time she apologized in a very minor four and watches the mayor said yesterday was really highly inappropriate and everybody agrees to that virtually everybody I've seen I've seen pictures of other people cannot believe it she said because not on the left they love it because they don't believe in tradition they don't believe in our institutions unless of course they're running them what about the judges and justices media what about them undermining our judicial system wanted to talk about that because you agree with them that's why you agree with them judge Amy Berman Jackson is a disgrace what justice Sotomayor did was indeed an effort at publicity and pressure against her fellow justices are not one of them joined what Ruth beta Ginsburg said in twenty sixteen what amounted quite frankly to an impeachable offense a hundred hundred fifty years ago not today but the extent I've heard commentary about a political candidate for presently United States I don't believe we've ever seen anything like that instead Hollywood does a movie slobbering all over R. G. B. yes RGP she's written so many brilliant opinions can you think of one no she's been the most consistently hard core progressive leftists on the Supreme Court that's why they did a movie praising her you want a movie praising your do as RG RBG has done I want to be a Republican and praised do is Mitt Romney has done it's very simple very simple homeowners.

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