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It's trash Tuesday. So let us know who you're trashing. Coming up this hour on the show in 20 minutes were stunned to a news in 40 minutes. This date mothership history and we look ahead to heat and Lakers. The N ba finals is always you could hit us up on the phone today, 55212. FORT CBS will preview today and tomorrow as we open up the major League Baseball postseason with Jeff Passan, ESPN Major League baseball insider who will join us a little over an hour from now excited to have Jeff Passan join us here on the show Good friend of mine for a long time, one of the best to May baseball reporters in the country. He's going to join us coming up in a little over an hour from now. It's a trash Tuesday. Let's read through some trash is this morning Dixie Land and tweet? Some trashing beds, D a bed's air nevermore comfortable that about 45 seconds, right after your alarm goes off. Yeah, those sleep numbers or comfy But it goes to another level on that alarm Sounds. How dare you try to make me become Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka Hashtag trash Tuesday is Oscar the grouch living in there. I know it. I know it well. Of that mattress. That sleep number of actress. It's It's really good. When you lay down at night. You're like, Oh, yeah, but it's even better. Right after that alarm goes off you like I don't want to get out of that, especially as the weather gets a little colder. Daniel Tweets and trashing drivers who want to drive under 65 with a speed limit is 70 or more If my 66 mile per hour governed truck is passing you, you're driving too slow. This must be garbage time. Mariana Tweets Today I'm trashing my boss for making whooping explanation sounds when he uses the bathroom and for clipping his nails at his desk. Hashtag stinky debris hashtag. Are you hiring? So frustrating Now? I'd like to know a little detail here on a boss making whooping exclamation sounds when he uses the bathroom. What exactly does that sound like more as you're kind of the king of the throne here? What do you think? Whooping exclamation sound to the bathroom? Sounds like so whooping is a weird way to put it. I'm assuming like a whore. Like one of those You know, honey, I know it's meaning like that Relief Well, like Chris Berman, who in time And look at him Go. Okay. So essentially Marriott. His boss in the bathroom is Chris Berman doing a Barry Sanders highlight. How great was Berman list that again? I mean, the guy's still got it. D A. He's still got it. I turned. I turned off half time and watched the Stanley Cup final during halftime. So Berman did his fastest three minutes of sports. Yes, yes, And I can't. He had some good nicknames that now are slipping my mind, but the three men l. His hair looks like it's falling off. There's a little weekend at Bernie's going on Chris Berman, but He was he was on top of his game. Whoever has that script was on point. Also, are they doing concerts again during halftime? I didn't see the concert. So again like you. I had the hockey going on. But I caught it caught my eye that Berman was coming in with bases remain, so I stuck with that for three minutes. I can tell you if they had the Goo Goo dolls play last night. I really don't know who else played at halftime, Okay? They're rational thought to wait from trashing win probability percentages Get that meaningless projection data outta here. No algorithm, Calculating Falcons. Having that high of a chance to avoid choking is worth mentioning trash so frustrating that the Falcons apparently had a win percentage of 99% in both the last two weeks. And it's a fair point. If the Falcons are ever considered a 99% win percentage. That algorithm isn't worth its weight because you know, it should never be that high with Dan Quinn. And The Falcons. So send us your trash Is d a on CBS? If you tweet at me, D a on CBS or on the phone to date 55 to 1 to four CVS. Alien Ogi tweets and trashing mumble. Rappers who tattoo all over their face can't stand these dudes. My mom has better bars, trash him and light that dumpster ablaze next trash traits the trash compactor. Mariana did tweet to media that that is the exact sound So I nailed it. I can't imagine a boss going to the bathroom or really anybody. Certainly at the office and going what? Maybe you watch the fastest three minutes last night. We've got a good industrial power flush here. Whoa! New urinal cakes. They just restocked the toilet paper would and look at him Go. Up to you. The bathroom. The frozen the frozen tile beneath my feet, too. So dump So Mitch Robiskie is no longer the quarterback of the Chicago Bears. Matt Nagy after the comeback win by Nick Foles has made a change. I think, unsurprisingly to me when they went to Nick Foles in Sunday's come back over the Falcons. It told me alive. He told me that this coaching staff must be so fed up with Mitch Stravinsky, which is interesting because they came into this season, essentially telling Mitch Robiskie you've got to be on your P's and Q's. Because we don't know if you want to bring you back. They've got to make a decision on whether they extend him after year four going into year number five and by bringing in Nick Foles. They've provided a legitimate challenger to the position. To try to push him and to also have a decent option. If Travis Key did not do his part, so both Ryan piece of the front office and Matt Maggie clearly agreed. We've gotta push Strabinsky. We can't go into next season and not have a decent secondary option here and we need to get more out of him. Okay? Got it. But Travis Key was also to Oh, no. Had a really good Final quarter against Well was that week one yet was week one. His comeback against the Lions was was a dandy. He.

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